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  1. Smokinman88

    First time using MAK upper rack and the Amaze N Smoker tube

    Well I got my new Amaze N Smoker tube yesterday from BPS and just had to give it a try today. This is also the first time I've used the upper half rack for the MAK, both worked flawlessly. The chicken was a little overdone on the top portions (my fault for not watching closer) but the ribs...
  2. Smokinman88

    Smoked Salmon and Cheese

    Here's a few pics of the Sockeye Salmon and Tillamook Cheddar that I just finished smoking this morning. I used Bear Mountain 100% Alder and color and flavors turned out fantastic...maybe the best smoked salmon I've ever done.
  3. Smokinman88

    Help! I can't get my Mak 2 star past 430 degrees

    When I first got the Mak early this year I did the burn in and it was able to get up to 495 with 65-70 as the ambient temp. I've cleaned everything and made sure the sensor was clean and it won't climb past 430, ambient is about 60. It's been on for over an hour now and seems to be stuck at...
  4. Smokinman88

    Lobster, baked potatoes and chocolate stout cupcakes

    I tried lobster tails and baked potatoes for the first time today. Everything turned out great, the lobster was moist and the bakers were perfect! I convinced the wife to make some chocolate stout cupcakes from a recipe posted by fellow pellet smoker 'Deb' and the Mak grill worked out...
  5. Smokinman88

    Spiral Cut Ham on the MAK

    I smoked a spiral cut ham on the MAK yesterday for my Dad's 70th birthday party. It was a huge hit and even some lucky friends and family got to take a few leftovers home.
  6. Smokinman88

    Ribs and Chicken on the new MAK

    The new MAK was christened with ribs and a whole chicken yesterday, the ribs turned out great and the chicken was extremely moist and most importantly the grill is dirty! :) I love this Grill, Thanks MAK for such a great product!
  7. Smokinman88

    The first smoke on the new MAK

    I couldn't wait till tomorrow to smoke the ribs so I decided to try out the side box smoker and do up some cheese....after four hours the cheese is done and looks quite tasty. The side box worked very well and I'm excited to try some salmon in the coming months.
  8. Smokinman88

    My New MAK 2 Star has arrived! #768

    :D Well it finally showed up yesterday morning on UPS freight. It came on a wooden pallet and was packed very well. After about two hours of assembly I fired it up for the first time setting it on High for about 2 hours to get it nice and seasoned. I'm just amazed at the solid construction and...
  9. Smokinman88

    My name is Chris and I'm a pellet Smoker!

    Hello to all, I'm kind of new to pellet smoking, picked up a Traeger Lil' Tex Elite this past summer and have been hooked ever since. Today I upgraded to the MAK 2 STAR GENERAL and I can't wait to try it out! :D
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