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    Roasting (or smoking) a Pig?

    With a milestone birthday coming this year (I believe BP will beat me to it though in the next couple of weeks), I'm thinking of roasting a pig. Would love to smoke but have no ideas how to accomplish this. Thoughts? Suggestions?? Thanks!! tbone ps - happy early birthday, BP. 60 is the...
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    Once again…….

    I can not thank ya'll enough. Thanksgiving would not be the same without this forum. I have learned so much reading all your posts - especially the videos and recipes from BP. Everything from being creative with cranberries and stuffings, to the best way to carve a bird. This forum is my "go...
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    Fun movie for us foodies - Chef

    We saw this film "Chef" over the weekend and I thought of y'all. It may not be about smoking, but it is about cooking. Be prepared though, you'll come out hungry. Try to find a theater near a good cuban restaurant. :) And for those musicians in the group.....the soundtrack is fantastic...
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    Recipes just for the Halibut

    Having a dinner party this weekend and Halibut is on the menu. Any particularly fond recipes y'all are willing to share? Also doing a fresh ahi tuna ceviche, seafood paella, veggies, fruit, caesar salad, and a dessert. So any halibut recipes will be greatly appreciated. tbone
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    That time of year again

    This is probably my favorite time of year. All the local produce is at its peak, and we're canning like mad. Here's a shot for BP. We all know he's a chick magnet and Julia fell for him the moment she met him. It's a great crop this year! tbone
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    Have I mentioned how much I love my grill grates

    Man do I love these grill grates. I haven't touch my gasser in a year. I wonder what it looks like under that cover. And when you couple them with the a-maz-n tube, well, let's just say my Treager can now do the things I was hoping for in the first place. Thanks BPS for producing such...
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    Biscuit and Ham recipe from cowgirl

    If you haven't tried this yet, go to Big Poppa Smokers recipe section and look up Biscuits and Ham. This is absolutely one of the best meals I've ever made. Ham that's been spritzed with JD then covered with brown sugar Onions that are smoked in a beer, butter, sugar and balsamic vinegar...
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    Remote Monitoring

    Time to add a good thermometer to my arsenal and wonder what y'all use. Since we're big Mac users, I'd like something to tie in with my phone. I like it even more if I don't have to lift the lid in order to probe for temp. Any suggestions? Thanks tbone "Smoke em if you got em"
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    Pork vs Ham

    So I'm cooking the Biscuits n Ham recipe on BPS site that was submitted by cowgirl (thank you very much cowgirl). My wife pointed out the recipe uses ham. And the difference between ham and pork is, essentially, pork that's been cured. Am I the last to know this? I feel like such a rookie...
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    Floor Mats?

    My Traeger sits on a wood deck that is attached to my house. It actually backs up to my kitchen window. The question is........should I have it sitting on some type of floor mat? Am I "playing with fire" by having it sit directly on the wood? Someone mentioned this in a thread recently which...
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    Cold Smoking

    Many years ago we had this Treager with a separate chamber for cold smoking. We did peaches, cheeses and pretty much anything we felt like smoking without the heat. My Traeger today does not have this feature. I'm beginning to think I'm missing it and wonder if many (or any) of you are cold...
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    Mardi Gras King Cake

    So I was thinking, why not bake a king cake on my Traeger? I'll let y'all know how it tastes after our krewe meeting. tbone
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    Costco Roasted Chicken

    Will I get blasted if I admit to liking the Costco roasted chicken? Granted I've done more spatchcocking of chicken the past few months than ever before, and it's the only way I cook it now. But dang, that roasted chicken from Costco is still pretty good. Don't hurt me now.......:D tbone
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    Rib Roast Flavor help......Please

    So I thought I'd do a small rib roast today (3 lbs) in prep for New Years day. I followed BPs tips, cooking between 225 and 250 until I had an internal temp of 130 (more med rare for my wife). Pulled, tented, and let sit for approximately 40 mins while I did everything else. The issue I'm...
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    My Family Thanks You All

    After reading BP's Turkey Tips (a zillion times) and everyone else's posts, I decided to do the turkey on the traeger. Here's what I know worked: Smaller bird - 13 lbs was perfect call. 275 degrees - what a great temp. No stuffing in the bird - sure made it easy. Let it rest - wow, what a...
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    Anyone smoke coffee beans?

    Has anyone tried smoking and roasting raw coffee beans? I may have to experiment this weekend. Thanks!!!! tbone
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    Portland Oregon says "Hey"

    My name is tbone and I love to cook and eat. My current pellet smoker is a Traeger, and I hope to graduate to a BP smoker someday. I'm a big fan of his other company, and can only imagine his smokers are every bit as good as his bass guitars and strings. I look forward to learning and trying...
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