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    Question about the tube smoker

    What is the lowest temp the pellets in the tube start smoking when it is placed on the same grates the food is on.
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    Some help with wings on my Mak 2 star

    I just did some chicken wings on my Mak 2star. The flavor was good but the skin was rubbery. I cooked them at the smoke setting for 2 hours & then bumped it up to 300 for about 15 minutes. Any one have any tips on how I might get the skin a little crisper & still get the smoke flavor. Thanks
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    They call me G

    Hi,my name is General & I'm trying to be a pellet smoker
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    What size Grill grates for 2star

    What size is the biggest grill grate I can use & still close the lid all the way? I don't have the grill yet so I can't measure it
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    Poppa coupon

    I'm about to order a 2 star from poppa,anyone know of any coupon codes that might save me a few $$$. Thanks
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