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  1. jafrey711

    Paleo Diet

    The wife is starting a six week long paleo diet and fitness challenge. Any good recipes or recommendations for the smoker?
  2. jafrey711

    The Perfect Gift

    Last year I put together a couple bundles of rubs and sauces from Big Poppa Smokers and gave them as Christmas gifts. They were a hit. Will likely do it again this year and throw in The Big Bob Gibson BBQ Book as well or a Big Poppa Apron. So the question is what would be your prefect combo of...
  3. jafrey711

    Eve of Thanksgiving

    I always enjoy the cook the night before Thanksgiving. My family will be serving lasagna for dinner. Curious to see what everyone else makes for dinner on the eve of Turkey Day. Pics would be nice to .
  4. jafrey711

    Order Turn Around

    "Today is a great day to still get an order in for all your Turkey Day needs. Pellet , Rub and Accessories. We have ground service that can still reach the West Coast all the way to the Mississippi by next Wednesday. Plus if you spend more than $39.95 your shipping is free. For everyone on the...
  5. jafrey711

    Heart Attack

    THE HEART ATTACK One Package of Bacon Jimmy Deans Sausage One pack of sliced ham 3 to 4 fried eggs Ciabatta Bread Potatoes mayonnaise butter and sliced cheese I smoke the bacon and huge sausage patties in the drum smoker. I cut the ciabatta bread in half so I have the frame for about...
  6. jafrey711

    Mempis Grill Grates

    Now in Stock!
  7. jafrey711

    My Boy

    So left over tri tip sannies for the kids tonight. Out of BBQ Sauce ( how does that happen I work for Big Poppa, LOL) So we took what was left and made our own. Well Oldest son said to sweet but the two youngest loved it. So now the oldest is taking my base and making it his own. You should hear...
  8. jafrey711

    I am now a pellet smoker!

    I am now the proud owner of a used Memphis Pro. First cook will come tomorrow tonight I burned it out. And WOW the smell of pellets in the back yard was amazing can't wait.
  9. jafrey711

    Don't be shy!

    Always see a lot of guest on here and we are glad you are here. Make sure to sign up and become part of a great on-line community. Plus you get a free MAK shark bottle opener along with a Big Poppa's tobacco bottle. Trust me you will learn so much and make great friends along the way.
  10. jafrey711

    Boredom Meets Food

    Sunday I was rather hungry and a little bored after getting back from the pool. Decided I would play with the Bread Machine. I ended up making a Cajun Chedder batch of dough that smelt fantastic. From there I was ready to keep playing. So I cooked up lb of bacon and then rolled the dough out. I...
  11. jafrey711

    Smoked Bacon

    Last night we wanted to make a chicken pizza. So we fired up the drum smoker to pre cook the chicken. Then it came to me why not smoke the bacon. So I got out my Grill Grate and spread out the bacon. Then decided to season with Big Poppas Double Secret Steak Rub. The bacon came out fantastic. I...
  12. jafrey711

    London Broil

    Just got home from Fresh and Easy and they had a great deal on some nice looking London Broil. Any suggestions on how to cook ,more so time and temp ?
  13. jafrey711

    Smoke what you kill

    I once had the opportunity to hunt for wild bore and actually catch, kill and clean before going to the butcher. The meat was amazing. I would so love to experience again. Anyone else into this or have a connection?
  14. jafrey711

    Come on Baby Light My Fire

    So this weekend was meeting the GF's brother for the first time and decided to smoke a tri-tip and taters . Wind was bad and I screwed with the torch to light the charcoal in the drum I caught a back draft and my hair caught on fire. LOL . I quickly put it out and was lucky only to trim my...
  15. jafrey711

    For Serious Searing Check these out.

    Big Poppa Smokers Super Food Probe can withstand temperatures up to 712 degrees and compatible with the following Maverick Models: ET-73 (primary replacement) ET-7 ET-71CAN ET-71D ET-71OS ET-72 ET-901
  16. jafrey711

    The Weather

    Gotta love great BBQ weather..its a beautiful 80 outside.
  17. jafrey711

    Thank You

    I have never been on a Forum before until this one. All the information and friendly people have been fantastic. My girlfriend is diabetic and it can be trying. Today I turned her on to a Diabetic Forum and it really gave her a lot of insight. Thanks Pelletsmoking and to all of you Happy Holidays.
  18. jafrey711

    Rubs and Sauces

    I think a x-mas gift of rub and sauces would make a great gift for any one you know that likes to BBQ.
  19. jafrey711

    Smoked Chicken Tortilla Soup

    This was a fun cook. Started by smoking the chicken. Then we cut up bell peppers, onions, garlic , tomatoes and created the stock and then put the whole pot on the drum . Did not look hearty enough so we added more beans and corn. Then for a twist we added cubed potatoes and smoked Jimmy Deans...
  20. jafrey711

    Greek Seasoning

    I use the Hasty Bake Greek Seasoning quiet a bit. Making lunch for the kids today. I made grilled cheese on home made garlic bread for shit and giggles I seasoned the butter side of the bread with the Greek Seasoning. It's fantastic. So it begs the questions " What BBQ seasoning have you started...
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