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    Here I am again mak will not reach temp

    update- 12OCT 2019 wanted to run some before i updated, the perfect mix pellets were the issues, MAK suggested a few brands and the Lumber were close to me, no issue in nearly 4 bags of pellets. 1 hour 20 min in now Fresh pellets First 30 minutes wouldn't go above 150 I turned it off and...
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    First brisket

    Turned out great :) Wife makes the rubs for our house, i do the smoking part The rub was a wet rub. I wanted to keep it simple for my first, so i check it after 2 hours, went to bed, when i get up it 189 check it was not tender, check it again 196/ 13 hours, and it was tender. wraped and...
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    2 questions

    Hello enjoying my MAK 2 star! 2 thing i have noticed 1. I smell like smoke after i use it, and it burns my eyes lol. duh, but is there a way to turn the fan off when you open the lid? it really suck to open the lid and then the fan turn up and literally blow smoke in your face, sometime i...
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    PLease help!! Mak can hardly hold temp

    Hello this is only my 5th cook, I cleaned out the firepit and stuff just the other day did a quick 3-4 hour cook that was just fine Now today it got up to smoke temp just fine but then the temp started falling and it dropped to 150. I bumped the temp to 200 and that didn't do much, I put...
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    steak sear

    I'm assuming I can use the griddle to sear steak? I like all of mine seared rather than just lines.
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