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  1. fishingbouchman

    Thanks BP team

    Thanks you guys and gals. I have Been a pain in the rear with an order and Kristen has been a huge help. Love bp. Best customer service.
  2. fishingbouchman

    brisket and butt

    First packer and maybe my 2nd or 3rd butt. Hurry and get them trimmed, rubbed, and on the Mak in less than 30 min. Have to leave to my 6 year old's soccer game. She is kicking some rear. pretty proud dad watching her beat up on those other kids. Added a foil bath of apple juice...
  3. fishingbouchman

    Tri-tip and onion rings

    Do love the tritip. at around 150 so foil time. Little onion and a splash of beer for the meat but I get the rest. while it is cooking lets get some rings going. Sliced some Walla Walla and let them sit in some milk. didn't have butter milk so next best thing. Looking good. time...
  4. fishingbouchman

    1st Brisket

    Figured it was time to give one a shot. Walking through Costco picking up a few things for a camping trip this weekend and thought a brisket sounded good. Little guy 4.5 lbs. trimmed. I can never make up my mind. so another 50/50 cook. BPDSSR on 1/2 (wife fav for steak), and the other...
  5. fishingbouchman

    Double secret steak rub

    Thanks big pappa. Wife loves, loves it on a steak. No father day contest?
  6. fishingbouchman

    mother-n-law can you cook this?

    Mother-n-law found this one sale and asked can you cook this. OK lets give it a go piled like cordwood Was very good.
  7. fishingbouchman

    french dip

    Don't remember time (went off of color) but guessing 2hrs in I foiled. Added something the wife found. Balsamic, soy, garlic, and think there might have been a few other items. while that gets happy lets make some buns looking good
  8. fishingbouchman

    mom day dinner

    wanted steak again. a little cold smoke love them grill grates I was still eating. Wife's plate. Guess she liked it??
  9. fishingbouchman

    chicken popper

    sounded good mixed cream cheese, some smoked cheese, jalapenos, and bacon toasted some planko and added taco seasoning stuffed chicken and rolled in planko had some extra room You are asking yourself where did the pig candy go. Two hungry kids. Not a bad meal.
  10. fishingbouchman


    Scared to pull out the brisket so figured I could practice on the Tri-tip. Thanks Muebe for some pointers. going basic just salt and pepper. no need to let pellets go to waste the trisket is in there somewhere. see fl time and here ya go that doesn't look dried out a little...
  11. fishingbouchman

    ribs for dad

    a little late as his b-day was in Feb. He was sick, I got sick, vacations, work, .... but we finally got to it. need something while I wait I do them different than most back to the ribs A birthday we need something special Trappist Westvleteren 12 (XII). called the beer...
  12. fishingbouchman

    Tatonka burger

    a beautiful day in SW Washington <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo...
  13. fishingbouchman

    first shot at beef ribs

    First try at some beef ribs. Wasn't sure how they would turn out so better have a backup. Time for a little foil looking good Beef ribs turned out pretty good. Not like the pork but ok. Need to work on my timing a bit or temp or ???? as the bb were a little over done.
  14. fishingbouchman

    Cust service 10 star

    Went to cook some jerkey and the mak would not ignite :( Igniter went out. Called and mak has one on the way. Another very happy customer. Love the mak and all that comes with it.
  15. fishingbouchman

    Taco Pizza

    Boy wanted pizza for lunch. Left over taco meat from night before. Not on the smoker but still good. Taco Pizza was goooooooodddddd.
  16. fishingbouchman


    First batch was pretty good. Better stock up before the weather gets too hot. Wife said no more food. we have too much at home and need to start working on eating what we have. Didn't listen very well. to the store and came back with. Apple was looking for something to eat and ran...
  17. fishingbouchman

    ribs for dad's birthday...

    Well they were going to be but he got sick so guess they are for me now. Cut into 1/2's will more like 1/3rds. The smaller one got the red stuff with the spicy rub. Building a new place and living with the mother-n-law. No place for the smoker and it rains a lot in the North West...
  18. fishingbouchman

    flank steak

    Flank steak. Went like this. In the fridge to rest a bit. but I am hungry now so time for a little snack. smoked some cheese a couple weeks back. 1/19 to be exact. smoked a butt a few weeks back and had some left overs. Nachos. 1st layer that looks better little cheddar...
  19. fishingbouchman

    time for me to do some smok'n

    Started with some chicken. Chicken rubbed with.... Dinner a drink Then I wanted to try my hand at some pulled pork. First attempt was not the best. So lets try it again. seemed like a good deal. use this this is going to take too long I need something sooner. Another 2nd...
  20. fishingbouchman


    Wanted some red meat. So while I was filling up the truck the wife ran into the store and found some tbones on sell for 1/2 price. So T-bone it is. figured I try them different ways. each got a dusting of seasoned garlic salt. this one got double secret steak rub and this one got...
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