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    Spatchcock Chicken Dinner

    I cook dinner for the extended family on Sunday's so this week it was Spatchcock Chicken. I still need to work on a way to get the skin crispy. I cooked these at 350 degrees with an hours worth of apple wood smoke in the cold smoke generator and the Chicken tasted fabulous but the skin was...
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    Cider Mill Maple Burbon Bacon

    OK this is my first attempt at making bacon and is modified from tenthunter's recipe, thanks Cliff. I just put it in to cure so it'll be a couple of weeks before I can taste it. Sometimes a time machine would be nice. :o Anyhow this is the brine I'm using. 1 gal of Distilled Water 1/2 gal of...
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    Initial results with my new smoker

    Got my new smoker Wed. night and decided to do some ribs Fri. to try it out. For a first run I think they came out pretty good. Everybody loved them. Here's the smoke ring. Decided to do a Brisket and a few sausages for dinner Sunday. I still have a lot to learn but I'm loving this thing...
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    New guy sayin hi

    Hi everyone. As you can guess my name is Mitch. I just got a pellet smoker and am stoked. I got a Char Griller the other day for a price I couldn't pass up so here we go. I'll post up a few pictures of my initial results. I still have a lot to learn but I have had fun so far.
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