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  1. Darwin00537

    My Low Carb week

    I'm on a low carb diet to shave off a few pounds for a biggest loser competition at work, which has given me incentive to grill a lot this week. Enjoy! Pork Chops on the Mak and Grill Grates at 325F rubbed with BPS Desert Gold (AWESOME) Chicken on the Mak and Grill Grates at 325F rubbed with...
  2. Darwin00537

    Pork Shoulder x2 on the uppde racks

    Had a good time cooking for my neighbor's St Patty's Day party this weekend. Friday I cooked 6 lbs of pulled chuck roast and today I cooked 17 lbs of pork shoulder. For the first half hour of the party I had random folks hunting me down asking, "Are you the guy that made that chuck roast?"...
  3. Darwin00537

    Chuck Roast, How do I love thee?

    These were smoked (Mak smoke setting) for 45 minutes or so then cooked at 275 for the smoke phase and the crutch phase until they hit 205 IT. I then brought the cooker temp down to 205 while I waited for the connective tissue to give up the ghost and the meat to get probe tender. The meat was...
  4. Darwin00537

    First Pulled Chuck Roast

    After seeing Mossy Mo's pulled chuck awesomeness I decided to give it a try myself. I'm doing things a bit differently though, and have never cooked a chuck roast in my life, so there's a lot of experimentation happening. I'm cooking her at 275 until she gets to the stall, then crutching with...
  5. Darwin00537

    Look who stopped by for dinner!

    That poundage is for ONE steak. It was on SUPER sale. I couldn't help myself:cool: Rubber in BPS Double Secret and doused in Moore's marinade More to follow...
  6. Darwin00537

    Iberico - Part II

    The missus and I treated ourselves to a Iberico pork shoulder last night. This is a very special form of pork that you treat as if it were steak. So I decided to reverse sear using all my fancy new toys. I started off trimming it and salting it about three hours before the cook was to begin...
  7. Darwin00537


    I've got a 1.2 lb Iberico pork shoulder I'm cooking tonight. Directions say to grill to medium rare. I thought I'd reverse sear using the Mak 2 for the initial warm up, then finish it off with a quick sear on the Hasty Bake. I'm wondering if I should use the smoke setting on the Mak or 225F...
  8. Darwin00537

    Ribs on the Mak 2

    First attempt at ribs on the Mak. Looking at the size of these you may tempted to call me a liar but these are Baby Backs. When I bought the package they were so big I thought there were two racks in the package. I used the Last Meal Ribs recipe on Amazing ribs, which is basically just cook...
  9. Darwin00537

    How do I cook this?

    I need help and I need it fast. Gotta have this sucker ready for lunch with the boss tomorrow.
  10. Darwin00537

    Scooter this is how I cook thighs for the Fam

    Not sure this really belongs here, because, *COUGH*, ahem, I cooked these on a Hasty Bake... Pellets were sitting a few feet away from the grill though and may somehow have had an influence. Anyhoo, tonight's cook was chicken thighs. Honestly I can't remember the last time I cooked a chicken...
  11. Darwin00537

    First Butt on the Mak

    Folks, I promise this will eventually get old and I'll stop posting everything I cook. That said, I made pork butt yesterday! The goal for this cook was to see how the Mak does low and slow smoking, so I cooked the butt at 225 using BBQer's delight pellets. Recipe I followed can be found...
  12. Darwin00537

    First Brisket on the Mak

    Cook number 2 on the Mak was a 5 lb Angus Brisket Flat. I wanted a whole packer but this is all they had and I was buying the best I could find before the snowpocalypse hit. I modeled BP's Brisket video for this cook. I injected with beef broth and used my own secret rub but otherwise held...
  13. Darwin00537

    Cook #1 for Mak #1817

    First cook on the Mak 2. It would figure my Mak arrived just hours before the worst snow and ice storm in 20 years hit Charlotte. Despite the snow and weather that "feels like" 11F I got the Mak assembled, the wifi installed, and ran the searing burn in. My fingers may be frostbit but it was...
  14. Darwin00537

    My name is Darwin, and I'm a pellet smoker

    Hey everyone. I've been waiting to post here until I could legitimately say I was a pellet smoker. As of about 30 minutes ago I can make that statement truthfully. My Mak 2 arrived today. I just assembled it and it's currently burning itself in. I wasted no time marveling in how shiny new...
  15. Darwin00537


    My Mak 2 Star is on the truck heading for my house. I got the Big Poppa's pick package (Mak 2, Cover, Sear Grate, Rubs, and 40 lbs pellets) with the wifi module and an additional probe. Anyone have any tips for beginners? Tips for the Mak and pellet smoking, not on how to barbecue. I'm...
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