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  1. Patrick_CT

    Mak 2star full flame retro still available?

    I have been gone for a while enjoying life and our little ones and not browsing the forums much but I wanted to upgrade my mak and can not find the retro kit anymore on big poppa' or the MAK website. Is it still available? Thanks!
  2. Patrick_CT

    Brisket and Chicken for Fajitas

    To celebrate my wife's birthday we wanted to do a version of fajitas. Prepped the Brisket with chili lime and peppered Cow then let site for 6 hours in plastic wrap. On the smoker at 1am (we were having a few beers with friends so figure put it on before bed :) 1am Smoke I love my MAK! Set...
  3. Patrick_CT


    I have been gone for a while working on remodeling our kitchen and other projects around the house. MAK gets plenty of use all week, but not online so much lately to share. I need a little inspiration... This weekend I am making food for a small group for my wife's birthday. (about 20 adults)...
  4. Patrick_CT

    off topic... way off.... anyone have a good party punch recipe

    We are having a party on new years and i want to make a punch. alcoholic of corse.. :cool:anybody have some good ideas? Thanks, Patrick
  5. Patrick_CT

    Our Christmas dinner

    Christmas Breakfast things and out prime rib. I have been working on brunch items and this was the final idea (until new years) Hardboiled eggs. Made some hash brown with onions, bell pepper and garlic. Took the potatoes off and mixes with mexican cheese and let cool. Seasoned the mix with LL...
  6. Patrick_CT


    I have new years brunch coming up so I am trying to think of some new things to add to the menu to help with the hangover for your friends that will spend the night at our house. I made a simple weave of of 3 1/2 slices of bacon and put them on the back of a muffin tim to hopefully create a...
  7. Patrick_CT

    Christmas lists.. ?

    What are y'all looking for this year? Almost everything on my list can be bought at BP's... might fall into the addiction column..hmm I need a couple new MAK probes A 18" Smoke tube A Maverick for the drum (Also for the MAK while i wait for the wifi to come available) And the full flame zone...
  8. Patrick_CT

    MAK accessories.

    How many of the MAK 2 star owners (<2012) have bought the new full flame zone? I have a hard time shelling out 300 when I am not convinced I will get enough use out of it. I like the idea of it going all the way to the edges better because I sometimes over loaded it and had a little go into the...
  9. Patrick_CT

    Tri tip dinner (yes in CT :) For our 8 year anniversary

    a lot of people take the availability of tritip in their area for granted.. I had to get this special in CT to make this for my wife. Seasoned it with The Chili Balsamic glaze, BP DSS rub and a little extra chipolte flakes: On smoke until it hit 125. We are excited about this (she did not...
  10. Patrick_CT

    Greek (ish) stuffed pork chops

    I worked all weekend except this afternoon and was asked to make pork chops to bring to my moms b-day so this is sadly only going to be pics of the meat section of the dinner. I made stuffed pork chops with a Greek inspiration: Sweated down onions, red bell pepper, hot cherry pepper and garlic...
  11. Patrick_CT

    Royal ?

    Did I just hear something about results from the Royal???
  12. Patrick_CT

    2 day adventure for comfort food.

    I have been wanting pulled beef (since I never made it myself) and needed to prep for some lunches during the this is a two day adventure in comfort food! Rubbed a roast down with spicy mustard and brisket seasoning. Onto the Drum using lump and cherry pellets mixed in (running about...
  13. Patrick_CT

    Pork Brisket and snacks

    I picked up a pork brisket a week or so ago and did not have time to cook it so it went into the freezer. Neighbors were coming over for drinks and apps. I had no idea what the pork thing was but it seems to be part of the ribs. I coated it with sriracha and Bovine Bold. On the MAK at 225 for 2...
  14. Patrick_CT

    Steak dinner and a special breakfast request.

    Wife wanted steak for dinner so rummaged through the fridge for something to have with it. Reversed seared the steak ( slow cooked at 250 until IT of 125 the turned it up and used the MAK grill grates. Used simple Double secret and a little EVOO on the steaks. Decided grilled Romaine hearts...
  15. Patrick_CT

    Pork Brisket... ?????

    I was walking around BJ's and saw these next to the ribs... Seemed really strange to me. It looks a little like ribs but has some bones in it going the other way. Anyone see or cook these?
  16. Patrick_CT

    Crab legs steaks and apple crisp

    My family called during the week and said they were all coming to my house for Labor day... um, ok. Father calls and says he bought crab legs and steak for me to cook.. nothing like inviting yourself and telling me what to cook.. haha. Away we go: Fired up the barrel with a puch of perfect mix...
  17. Patrick_CT


    Anyone ever make a porketta? I have heard people talking about it and it seems to be an awesome think with seasoned up pork belly... I saw some really nice pics...thoughts?
  18. Patrick_CT

    Built my Drum!

    I figured this is still good to post here also, since most of us like this type of thing! My neighbor and I decided to build these together and after finally finding a guy that had food grade barrels for sale we ordered out kits. We could not find a place to sandblast it near us so we decided...
  19. Patrick_CT

    brisket finished way early... what to do???

    Cooking a 8# flat and came down this morning to it being 195.. not eating for 6 hours.. Plan now is to FTC and hope it keeps the heat and throw it back on to heat it more later Any better ideas what to do? Happy 4th! Thanks, Patrick
  20. Patrick_CT

    MAK stopped working

    Started a flat this morning and all of the sudden heard nothing from the 2star. Display works but auger and fan are not doing anything. Changed the fuse, no change. Emptied the pellets completely Unplugged and no change Waited for 45min and then it started again 10 mins later it stopped...
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