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  1. Scallywag

    Stuffed Wings

    Started with this... Added croutons and chicken stock to make a stuffing Here is where we get crazy... Smoked at 225 for an hour Cooled down..did a flour .. egg and panko mix and fried for 3 mins Best Wings I have ever had!!! Mrs agreed with me too!! 8)
  2. Scallywag

    Smoked Chili Nacho's

    Started like this.. Browned and drained some ground beef..added garlic and chopped shallots. Chili seasoning, diced tomatoes and a really big splash of red wine... Smoked for 2 hrs and bumped to 350 to reduce..Chilli is done.. Layer like this .. Bake at 450 till you get this... And this cheesy...
  3. Scallywag

    Spicy Quesidillas

    Wanted some heat tonight.. Started like this.. Marinated for an hour... Smoke for 30 mins and bump to 35o till done.. Ground up some cumin and added to the peppers and onions with some paprika Meat is done.. lets build this... Some refried beans .. peppers and onions.. meat and Habanero Cheese...
  4. Scallywag

    Good Juju Ribs

    Im not a huge football fan but my good friend Sparky is.. here is a rib cook for his 49'rs!! Started like this.. Smoked for 3 hours..time for some foil love. In the meantime.. made some spicy maple bacon glaze.. some well dome bacon diced up in the magic bullet added in..Reducing Waiting for the...
  5. Scallywag

    Spicy Mustard Pork Chops

    So one thing I have never tied to cook on my Mak is Pork Chops. Why.. I dunno.. After this I will be dong many more!! Started with this.. Soaked for a couple hours. Rubbed with some goodness my friend Sparky sent me..
  6. Scallywag

    Smoked Chicken Poutine

    This may seem odd to some of you but trust me! Inspired by a regional Quebec dish Poutine that consists of french fries cheese curds and gravy..It is damn good! I had no curds so I swapped with shredded mozzarella and added some smoked chicken. Seasoned the meat like this.. Keep the beer from...
  7. Scallywag

    Looking for help...

    BP I hope this ok.. My wife and I are hosting a fundraiser for Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Anyone that would or could make a donation there is a link here.."] Thanks!!
  8. Scallywag

    Surprise me for new years dinner she said!

    Started with some butter, garlic and saffron marinated lobster tails. Money Rubbed Rib Eye.. Reverse seared.. Bumped to 400.. tails and steak on. Served with butter smashed taters and garlic fried brussel sprouts with garlic butter to dip I got a hug and a kiss for this one!! Happy New Years...
  9. Scallywag

    Patty Melt's

    Easy but damn good!!!! Started with this.. Added this to the meat Made some thin patties.. on the Mak at the meantime fried some onions Patties are done.. On to marble rye with the Edam and Smoked Gouda, topped with the onions and a slice of Prosuito.. Back on to melt the cheese and...
  10. Scallywag

    Cold leftover cook

    Hmm.. what can we do.. Oh I know!! Take this Chop up the leftover honey ham... Start the sauce with a roux.. All mixed together Some herb bread mixed with beer
  11. Scallywag

    Mushroom Bernaise panko steaks

    Lets see how this works out.. Rubbed some nice steaks Reverse seared and resting... Flour egg and panko Shrooms red wine garlic and beef stock.. gonna reduce
  12. Scallywag

    Yummy stuffed chicken

    Stuffed Chicken Stuffed some 1/4's with feta spinach and sundried tomatoes... Smoked for 30 mins and bumped to 325 for an hour Resting Plated up goodness...
  13. Scallywag

    Angry Maple Bacon Chicken

    So I had me an idea for tonights dinner.. sweet and heat. So I got me this... Started cooking at 325 like this.. Bacon done While the chicken continues to cook for another 30 mins... Magic Bullet for the bacon
  14. Scallywag

    Spanish Style Stew

    Spanish style Stew So I got these together.. Rendered the fat out of the bacon Seasoned the beef Smoke the beef in the bacon fat for 45 mins In the meantime.. sweated some peppers and onions
  15. Scallywag

    Planko Crusted Chicken Cordon Blue

    Planko Crusted Chicken Cordon Blue Got me some of these.. Pounded the breasts flat Some ham, swiss and seasoning.. Egg dipped and rolled in Planko crumbs..
  16. Scallywag

    Early Christmas gift????

    So I come home tonight to a wife tapping her foot asking what I ordered now from BPS!!?? Honestly dear.. I didn't buy anything!!! So I open the box and find this... Wow.. Thanks very much BP!! You are awesome!
  17. Scallywag

    Lazy Sunday Cook..

    SO it's been awhile since I have had the chance to cook life has been crazy busy. Decided I wanted some smoked beef.. so I got me this. Started up #855 and as soon as I turned her on I heard a whine from the auger... Uh Oh. Its been 3 weeks since I used her and the pellets in the Auger caught...
  18. Scallywag

    Canadian Thanksgiving Turducken

    So the whole family gathered at the cottage.. I brought the mobile Scally trailer. Traeger was on board.. Sweet! So we have a 20lb Turducken to cook..LETS DO IT! Smoke for 2 hours.. What a cool way to spend the weekend.. Went for a stroll.. lake Erie is right at the end of the property..
  19. Scallywag

    I used to hate leftovers...

    Wife always gives me hell for wasting food. I like it fresh.. hope this quiets her down! Had a good chunk of prime rib left over from yesterday... so lets slice that up.. Buttered a fresh roll with some garlic powder... poured some au Jus I had leftover and wrapped in foil.. On to the Mak at...
  20. Scallywag

    Prime Rib Roast wit Ox tail Au Jus

    Getting colder here and I wanted a nice Sunday dinner.. so here we go! 3 bone Prime rib roast.. rubbed with Money! Next going to work on the Au Jus.. Ox tail with some tomato paste, onion, celery and carrots to catch the roast juice. An hour in I added a cup of red wine and some fresh thyme...
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