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    Double fatties!

    I smoked 2 fatties as appetizers for a party this weekend, they got demolished! Bacon lattice stuffed with hot venison sausage (one of my deer this season), cheddar cheese in one and cream cheese in the other. Sauce this time was "shed" southwest sweet. Rubs were Dillo Dust on the inside and...
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    Venison burgers

    I have a ton of ground venison from a deer and decided to try making burgers. Because venison is so lean and has such a distinct flavor I decided to add some beef fat. Not only does this ensure that the venison is not too lean, it also adds a bit of familiar beef flavor to the meat, making the...
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    Venison - Smoked or blasted?

    I took my first deer (ever) this morning during muzzle-loader season. It's off to the butcher now, and next weekend I will be grilling! Any suggestions as to which cuts get smoked or blasted? Obligatory photo, family safe (non-gruesome)
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    Anyone else enjoy the warm-up phase?

    Form me the initial burn is almost as enjoyable as the final cook. I've made it a habit to put my meats in for the excessive amounts of warm up smoke that happens right around 90*, then yank them out when the smoke clears (5-10min) and put them back after the grill comes to temp. I don't know...
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    The last one got into my trash, smokey the bandit!

    Raccoon to be smoked on Saturday. Again, will post the recipe tomorrow
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    Hopper smoke = no Easter Bunny this year.

    Yet another disaster waiting to happen on Saturday. Separate threads for direct discussions. Recipe tomorrow!
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    Biffalo chili. Errr, buffalo chili!

    Waldo (my brother) is going to cook up some buffalo chili for Saturday. Hopefully we can encourage him to join the forum, he preps some great food! Get in here!
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    Ostrich ?!!?

    I ran across the Swiss Family Robinson on DVD the morning and thought of the bird they chased around the island. Well, this bird might be a few generations younger, but promises to be delicious. Again, I will be smoking this on Saturday along with a whole bunch of other relatively exotic...
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    Bear steak... No, not the moderator Bear!

    I will be smoking these on Saturday along with a whole bunch of other relatively exotic meats for my wild and crazy 30th birthday bash. I wasn't expecting them to be so fatty but they should be delicious with a reverse sear and pinch of Firehouse rub. Will post more photos & results on Sunday...
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    Lion roast!

    Not a typo! I will be smooking this on Saturday along with a whole bunch of other relatively exotic meats for my wild and crazy 30th birthday bash. Will post the recipe tomorrow, and then photos & results on Sunday! Obligatory pic What's Needed: 4lb roast of lion 2tbs salt 2tbs black...
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    This is almost too easy...

    I'm at work and have a shoulder smoking at home on the Memphis! 70/30 Apple/Mesquite and lots of yardbird w/ apple, sugar, and soy injection. I put it on at 8:30 and it should be ready right around dinner time. Well, I guess it isn't truly easy because I'm working, but the cooking part is...
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    Chicken on Grill Grates

    Simple cook - it's tough to get too involved during the week when I don't get home until 7pm or later. Seasoned chicken last night with salt, pepper, butter, and some yardbird. Cooked for dinner tonight at 350* until 185* internal (I like to make sure the bird is done). Freshly blackened...
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    Why don't I like pork tenderloin? Am I doing something wrong?

    I'm about to say "no more pork loin attempts" I've tried cooking 5 or 6 different loins on my Memphis, and while they have come out OK they have never blown my mind like chicken, steak, ribs, shoulder, etc... The loins stay tender and juicy but the flavor is just plain old boring and all...
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    Memphis Ribeye

    Boneless with Wee Willy's dry steak marinade. Cooked to the warmer side of medium instead of medium rare so that my wife would enjoy it with me! 250* with hickory until 150* internal, then let sit for 10 minutes or so before cutting. ^^ very strong hickory flavor at 250* so I am going to try...
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    Pete made it over here, too!

    And I'm digging my Memphis Pro, thanks BP! Smoked some fish and sausages last weekend, and since the fish didn't taste like fish so I know I cooked it the right way!
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