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    The higher the temperature the less smoke so if you want smoke keep the temp low
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    Never too cold for a MAK!

    Grilled a couple steaks last night here in balmy MN! No picture of the steaks, but here's the grill with a view of the snow in the background. You'll have to take my word that there were steaks inside. The temperature was When I woke up this morning it was -15F.
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    Tried my hand at apple smoked cider mill bacon

    I followed Tenthunter's instructions and just finished my own batch of bacon. I started with 5lbs of pork belly, skin off. Unfortunately all I could get was frozen. I took a stab at trimming it up and cut it into four pieces and then into the brine for 8 days. Here they are in the smoker...
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    Pork Chops and BBQ'd Red Potatoes and Garlic Scapes

    Today I harvested the scapes from my hard necked garlic. Found a recipe to used them in - Barbeque red potatoes and scapes. Cubed red potatoes, the scapes cut in 1.5" pieces, olive oil, salt and pepper. Mixed them in a aluminum foil pan, covered in foil and through on the Mak II at 375 for...
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    My name is Paul and I'm a pellet smoker

    Hi, I've been a pellet smoker for about 6 years and attempting to smoke meat for a few years longer. I've been using a Traeger Lil Tex for all that time, quite successfully, and it's still going strong, if you ignore some peeling paint, but I decided this spring it was time for something new...
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