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  1. KyNola

    Spam blog entries

    There are currently 10 spam blog entries from 4 different authors on topics ranging from how to write a research paper to how to beat a drug test. Please remove the entries and ban the authors. While you're at it how about making the website a secure one?
  2. KyNola

    A public "thank you" to MAKDADDY

    Over the last two days I have smoked 18 butts in MAK 2 Star 829. I had just placed the last 9 in the smoker when I noticed that 829 was really struggling to come up to heat. All at once an alarm went off warning me of a flame out and to check the hopper. I turned it off and turned it back on...
  3. KyNola

    Prayers up for our friends

    Our friend Deb who posts on here often lives 25 miles from Newtown CT where the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting occured. Another of our friends, ArnieM who is a less frequent poster here but is a member nonetheless lives in Newtown. Remember to lift them up in your prayers. Don't turn this...
  4. KyNola

    MAK Wings done my way

    While the MAK2 is preheating to 250 Jan and I are giving some love to some chicken wings. First thing was Carolina Treet and then Jan's Original Dry Rub. They hung out in the MAK2 at 250 for 30 minutes. Midway through they got more Jan's Original Dry Rub. Bumped the temp up to 350 for 15...
  5. KyNola

    Ordered a new MAK 1 Star!

    Unfortunately it's not for me. ;( A friend of mine decided he wanted a high tech grill and asked me to recommend one to him. Guess what I recommended and who he should order it from? He said "would you take care of it for me?" Uh, yeah I can do that! :) Score another sale for MAK and Big...
  6. KyNola

    Bacon anyone?

    Only fair that I state up front that this was not 100% completely done on a pellet smoker but a pellet smoker was definitely involved. Start by curing 16.5 lbs of pork belly. After 7 days rinse, pat dry and hang in the frig overnight to form a nice pellicle for the smoke to stick to. Next day...
  7. KyNola

    MAK Chicken

    This is what a MAK 2012 2 Star General is capable of. Spatchcocked chicken rubbed down with Annie's Roasted Garlic Olive Oil and Jan's Original Dry Rub. When chicken is at the proper IT, bring it in while still very hot and apply a quick glaze of a readily available commercial sauce. Out of...
  8. KyNola

    Jan's Rub/MAK smoked chicken w/ a twist

    Jan asked me to smoke some chickens for her. Yeah I can do that so I rub two chickens with Jan's Rub and into the MAK they went. They were on the beer can chicken stands but only because I think they cook better vertically. Frankly I don't put a lot of faith in the beer can chicken method for...
  9. KyNola

    Geez I can do some stupid things!

    Decided I would grill some bone-in ribeyes on 829. Break out the flame zone pan, setpoint to high and let it rip, lid closed to take the heat as high as possible. Temp hits 485, steaks go in, close lid again. About 5 minutes in I notice TONS of smoke coming out of 829. I'm thinking "this...
  10. KyNola

    MAK Griddle purchase

    Ordered the MAK Griddle for my MAK 2 Star from Big Poppa Smokers website yesterday. Know when it shipped? Yesterday! That is customer service my friends! Oh, one other thing....the shipping was free! Great service BP. Thank you.
  11. KyNola

    MAK 829 & BBQr's Delight take home second!

    Yesterday Jan and I entered a brisket cooking competition. 14 teams including some pro competition teams. MAK 829 burning BD hickory pellets took second place, only 3.1 points behind the winner who was one of the pro comp teams. MAK and BBQr's Delight pellets is a winning combination!
  12. KyNola

    Need your help please.

    Next weekend I am smoking 2 Wagyu beef briskets for a brisket cooking competition. Going very simple. The briskets will be rubbed with Zach's Brisket Rub and then smoked on the MAK 2 Star at 225 using BBQ'rs delight hickory pellets to an IT of 180. Will slice and prepare the turn-in box at...
  13. KyNola

    MAK 829 smokes/bakes a pizza!

    Today for lunch I decided to bake a pizza on the MAK. Unlike you incredible bakers I buy my pizza crust at the the grocery. This one is Freschetta brand thin crust. The first pic shows the pizza crust with a coating of Big Moe's BBQ sauce. No tomato sauce on this pizza. Mozzarella cheese...
  14. KyNola

    2012 MAK #829 first cook

    Yesterday was the first real smoke on #829. Let's do some ribs. Starting these ribs with only "The Juicy Pig" rub on them(Thanks G9!) Sun shining brightly as you can see by the poor pic quality. #829 puts out more smoke than #27 did! Midway through, taking some nice color now. 4 hours...
  15. KyNola

    To foil or not to foil, that is the question

    I've noticed that many members wrap their ribs in foil when cooking in the pit. It is true that with some of my former smokers that out of necessity I too foiled my ribs during the cooking process but since I bought my MAK, I no longer foil my ribs. If anyone is so inclined I would be...
  16. KyNola

    Remote Boss downlaod issue

    Attempted to download the programming update for my Remote Boss to communicate with my 2 Star. Following the directions, I connected the cable to the board and then attempted to set the Remote to the "Utility" setting to begin the download. It will not budge from "Connect Attempt". The...
  17. KyNola

    Kurobuta bacon sliced w/pic

    Hand sliced one of the belly sections. Did not take a pic of bacon slices as we all know what sliced bacon looks like. The other section I cut into 3 1-1.5 pound slabs and will slice them after we have eaten all of the pre-sliced bacon. It has all been vac sealed and tucked away in the...
  18. KyNola

    Kurobuta pork belly bacon

    Kurobuta pork belly from Snake River Farms weighing in at 8 pounds. Cut into 2 four pound slabs. Talked to the folks at SRF before I ordered the bellies and they said "our bellies are leaner than most folks use to make bacon but they will work just fine". Leaner? Really? :D Cured with...
  19. KyNola

    MAK smoked turkey, tasso and sausage gumbo

    OK kids, today's lesson is gumbo. The meats are MAK smoked turkey, MAK smoked tasso and a nice smoked sausage that a good friend gave me. First we start with a roux. This one is 1 1/2 cups oil and 1 1/2 cup of flour. Stir constantly or it will burn. Then we add the diced onions, celery and...
  20. KyNola

    Canadian Bacon......MAKstyle

    2 1/4 pound pork loin been curing for 6 days. Time to smoke it! All tied up to get that nice round shape. It's in the MAK getting hypnotized with hickory smoke to an IT of 145. Finished pics coming soon so stay tuned!
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