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    Temperature Swings - Why Should I Care?

    I see a ton of discussions on various ‘Q’ boards about temperature swings of up to 100 degrees F in pellet grills. My Camp Chef Woodwind SG runs around 30 degree swings max. I’m new to the pellet grill arena and have only had mine for a year. So far, I have never given the temp swings any...
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    Boneless, skinless, sand hill crane breast

    How would you cook or have you cooked it on your pellet grill? I brought home breasts from 8 birds bagged in Texas a couple weeks ago and would like to start with a smoked cook. The one after this will be a sous vide cook. Any of you Texas BBQ Masters have any advice? :)
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    Beef Rib Rack Today

    Windy & cold, so no fishing going on today. Good day to try cooking some beef ribs. Started by opening the rack cryovac bag and separating the rack into 2-bone sections. That gave me 4 sections. Salted them down last night, covered them with plastic wrap, and refrigerated overnight. This...
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    Smoked Mexican Meatloaf

    We've always done this in the oven and it is our favorite (only) meatloaf recipe. My wife developed it over time to its present recipe. I thought it might be a good idea to try it in the CC Woodwind pellet grill. The results were fantastic and will be done again. I'll get to the recipe...
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    Non-stick mats

    I've used Frog Mats for years in my Bradley smoker and would like to use some mats in my new pellet grill for smoked fish and jerky. Are there other alternatives to Frog Mats out there. and if so, what are they called and where can I find them?
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    Smoked Rainbow trout fillets

    I took a buddy fishing last Thursday and we hammered some cookie cutter rainbow trout to the tune of about 30 of them. The term ‘cookie cutter’ is the local term for hatchery planted 10 to 12 inch trout. We kept our legal limit of 4 trout each and released all the rest. Went back to the same...
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    Cooking Temps vs Elevation

    In pressure canning of fish and fowl, you must account for your elevation/altitude above sea level to achieve the safe cooking temperatures to kill the harmful bacteria. Is the same true for regular cooking of meats or fish in a smoker? I’ve never seen that in a recipe or in my manuals for my...
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    Remote temperature monitoring

    This has probably been discussed ad nauseam, but being new here I'm deficient in search skills on this site. I did find a review of the 10 best wireless meat thermometers on and read that and came away with a short list (#1 - #4) to pick from: Tappecue V2 (#1 - $149 w/2 probes...
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    First EVER beef rib cook coming up.

    I’ve purchased a beef ‘center cut back rib’ and intend to do a pellet cook on it later this week. It will be a low & slow cook to be sure. I already have a good recipe from AmazingRibs and will be using it on this cook. I have a question about what they are called on the cryovac package...
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    Sous vide/que chicken results

    I have these boneless/skinless chicken breast in the freezer that are feeling a little left out of life. So, what the hey; might as well put one of them back in the game. So, I thought and thought and thought; how can I make this a special treat for one of them. Eureka; sous vide (SV) and...
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    Which pellet tube smoker?

    There are lots of smoke tubes available. Most are available on Amazon. Here are a few I found with prices. A-Maze-N, prefilled with Hickory ($ 22.99) GMG Thin Blue 11” to 18” ($29.99) Carpathen Z-Smoker 12” ($17.80) M Embr Smoking 12" Pellet Smoker Tube ($13.99) MVZAWINO Pellet Smoker Tube...
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    Pork Loin Roast today.

    I did my first pellet smoker pork loin roast today. It is about 4 lbs and quite lean. I started by patting it dry with paper towels and then applying a thin olive oil coat. Next, I rubbed in some Blues Hog Dry Rub Seasoning and let it sit for about 10 minutes while the smoker got up to 220F...
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    Tender Quick vs Cure #1

    I've only been a member here for a short time but have been 'Q'in' & smokin' meats for a long time. I've got some wet curing brines that were originally written for using Prague Powder. No mention if #1 or #2; just Prague Powder. Finally determined after some research that they were calling...
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    Pitmaster Club

    How many of you are paid members of the Pitmaster Club (PC)? I'm new to BBQ related forums - except the Bradley Smoker forums - and don't know that much about the PC. I was referred to that site for a pastrami recipe and found out that to gain full access to the site, one has to join and pay...
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    Pastrami from store bought corned beef brisket

    I've made several different type meat pastrami's in the past: goose, elk, antelope, and venison. I did the corning myself and then followed with some home made rub and a smoke in the Bradley smoker. All turned out excellent. Now that I have a pellet grill, I want to try a pastrami from a...
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    Is your pellet grill PID controlled?

    I have a Bradley 4-rack smoker that has an Auber Instruments PID Controller attached. Absolutely love it for temp control and programming different temps/times for excellent smoked meats. I recently added a Camp Chef Woodwind SG w/ Sear Box to my outdoor cooking equipment and wondered if there...
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    First smoked fish on new grill

    Another first on my Camp Chef Woodwind SG pellet grill - smoked fish. Not smoking for immediate consumption at the dinner table, but rather the kind you can snack on over the next week or two. Like I used to do in my Bradley smoker and it took about 8 hours to do. For this batch, I changed my...
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    First ever brisket

    Bought a 2# brisket flat last week at $4.12 a pound. There wasn't any fat to trim. I did some research on the Net and found many recipes and lots of videos. I combined information from several and came up with a plan. Applied some salt, pepper, and rub to the flat and wrapped it in saran wrap...
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    Post Number 1

    I've been smoking meats for probably 30 years on every thing from Little Chef to my current Bradley wl PID controller. Mostly been doing fish and jerky with a few game birds thrown in for good measure. I decided last month that I should maybe buy a pellet grill due to their popularity; lots of...
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