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  1. NorCal Smoker

    Met BP at Clayton BBQ Comp - What a Brisket!

    Clayton didn’t have comps in 2020/2021 due to covid. BP was back this year. It looks like he changed his rig a bit since the pictures I took in 2019. It looks like he still has the MAK 2 Star, but now has 2 drums and 1 Ole hickory instead of 1 drum and 2 Ole hickory’s like he did in 2019. But...
  2. NorCal Smoker

    New BP rubs

    Which ones?
  3. NorCal Smoker

    Brisket - Creekstone Farms Franklin Style

    Started out with a brisket from Creekstone Farms at 15 lbs. Seasoned with just salt and pepper as Franklin's book says. Put on the MAK at 275°F as measured by a temperature probe put on the upper rack where the brisket went. Spritzed with liquid every so often to keep surface wet. After...
  4. NorCal Smoker

    Met BP at Clayton BBQ Comp - What a Brisket!

    The town I live in has had a rib cook off for many years. Recently they have added KBCS competition. Started as ribs only, but now a full KCBS Comp for at least the last two years. BPS entered this year so I hoped to meet the man who introduced me to MAK and BBQ. I was not disappointed...
  5. NorCal Smoker

    Smoked Whole Beef Tenderloin - Malcolm Reed Style

    Bought a Costco Whole Tenderloin (screwed up and bought trimmed rather than not trimmed...saved NO money!). Here it is trimmed: Cut to the shape I wanted, seasoned with Killer Hogs APR, then sprinkled with Killer Hogs Steak Rub. Wrapped in bacon and seasoned with Killer Hogs Hot Rub and...
  6. NorCal Smoker

    Smoked Catfish Cakes on the MAK

    I have been wanting to do this for a long time and finally gave it a try. Here is what I used as a starting point, but made some changes due to my preferences: Smoky Fried Catfish Cakes with Spicy Remoulade Sauce | Realtree Cam Started with catfish from Costco seasoned with Old Bay and Tony...
  7. NorCal Smoker

    Pork Prodded Pork Shoulders are Sweet Money!

    Decided to try Pork Prod injection on some pork shoulders. Rubbed with BPS Sweet Money and on the MAK on smoke for an hour: Raised temp to 250°F until I liked the color: Wrapped in foil with some moisture and back on the MAK: Out of foil and back on the MAK to firm up bark: Pork...
  8. NorCal Smoker

    Ribeye Cap Steak

    I love Malcolm Reed videos and decided to follow his Ribeye Cap Steak video. Prime Ribeye Cap Steaks from Costco: Seasoned with Malcolm's steak rub: On the MAK over the flame zone on Grill Grates: Rotated 90 degrees and then flipped: Finished and resting: Forgot to put the...
  9. NorCal Smoker

    Brisket - Cattle Prodded and Cash Cow'd

    Started with a Costco Prime Brisket, about 14 lbs. This brisket had the thickest flat on any brisket that I have cooked! I trimmed, injected with BPS Cattleprod injection, and rubbed with BPS Cash Cow. Put on the smoker on smoke for an hour then raised to 265°F: After about 5.5 hours, I...
  10. NorCal Smoker

    Tomahawk Steak - Malcolm Reed Style

    Decided to try a Tomahawk Steak after watching the following Malcolm Reed video: Tomahawk Ribeye Steak | Grilled Tomahawk Ribeye on the PK Grill - YouTub Started with a USDA Prime Tomahawk Steak from Costco: Seasoned with BPS Double Secret and Montreal Steak Seasoning. Looks like a lot...
  11. NorCal Smoker

    Disneyland Style Smoked Turkey Legs

    I have tried this before, but did not brine. Decided to try a different method. Brined, then smoked. Came out great! First, brined over night in a brine recipe I received from a friend at work. Only brined for 14 hours, but will do it for at least 24 hours in the future. After brining...
  12. NorCal Smoker

    Stuffed Flank Steak on the 2 Star

    I love watching Malcolm Reed How to BBQ Right videos (as well as BPS videos) to help me get away from the standard ribs, pulled pork, brisket, tri tip syndrome. I decided to follow his stuffed flank steak video: Stuffed Flank Steak on Big Green Egg | Grilled Flank Steak with Malcom Reed -...
  13. NorCal Smoker

    Surf and Turf

    Choice Tri Tip from Costco (looks prime to me): Balsamic Glazed and seasoned with BPS Money and Double Secret. In the fridge: After a few hours, on the MAK on smoke for an hour: Raised to 275F after an hour on smoke. Held temperature until Tri Tip was 142F: Rested for 20 minutes and...
  14. NorCal Smoker

    Crown Roast of Pork

    First time to try this. For the most part I followed youtube video from Malcolm Reed of How to BBQ Right. Came out real good. First off, I only had an 8 bone roast. Made it difficult to make into a crown, but did my best. Seasoned with BPS Little Louis with Black Pepper and then BPS Money...
  15. NorCal Smoker

    Rack of Lamb and a couple of new sides

    I made a rack of lamb with a couple of new sides using recipes from the following: 8 light and simple sides to go with lamb | Sainsbury' Recipe: Roasted Potatoes, Radishes & Fennel with Lemon Brown Butter Sauce | Kitch First, a rack of lamb cut in half and seasoned: Potatoes in a pan...
  16. NorCal Smoker

    Portabello Mushroom Pizzas - 3 ways

    I love these Portobello pizzas. I tried 3 different ways. First, Thai Shrimp Mushroom Curry with the filling following this recipe: 10-Minute Shrimp and Mushroom Thai Curry - Steamy Kitchen Recipe I cut the mushrooms and shrimp much smaller and made the sauce thicker. Then I made a Mexican...
  17. NorCal Smoker

    Smoked a Fattie this weekend!

    It California, that means something different to many people! :eek: But since this is a Pelletsmoking forum, I am sure you know what I meant! Inspired by what I consider the best Fattie post of all time by Jeanie (cowgirl)...
  18. NorCal Smoker

    Options to Photobucket

    I have always used photobucket, but lately has been less than satisfactory. Anyone use something else? I want to post, but Photobucket makes it impossible.
  19. NorCal Smoker

    Costco USDA Prime Brisket with Cash Cow

    Finally found a whole packer brisket at Costco a few weeks ago and it was USDA Prime for a very good price. After reading several posts by BP, Malcolm Reed, and others, I decided not to trim comp style, but leave most of the fat and just put it on. I did not inject, and only rubbed with Cash...
  20. NorCal Smoker

    Plans changed

    Being in California, I have never seen whole packer briskets at Costco as many talk about. Today, I went to Costco and found whole packer briskets, and they were PRIME for much less than I have found Choice in the area. Obviously, my plans have changed on what I will be cooking over the next...
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