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  1. 383inTheD

    I was part of the problem

    Where did everyone go? I am partly to blame, I used to visit and post often and then life got in the way. Now I'm looking around and all the regulars haven't visited the site in several years. It is such a pity as there is so much useful info here. So now I need to seek out an alternative?
  2. 383inTheD

    Smoke mode running hot

    Cooking a brisket for mom's 80th birthday tomorrow and got things started around noon. Smoke mode seems to be running hot at 230 degrees. This is not normal. I thought it might adjust itself after a bit but I ended up putting a pan with ice on the upper grate and then the temp came down to 215...
  3. 383inTheD

    What Pellet Brand Are You Using?

    Bear Mountain is now available at Home Depot and Tractor Supply. It's become a commodity and unless you are buying in bulk I don't see how internet orders can compete with local pickup.
  4. 383inTheD

    Hey BIg Poppa Here

    Thank you so much for getting the upgrade done! For whatever reason I wasn't unable to do anything on the old site any longer. Just as soon as I would log in it would kick me out. This seems so much better now.
  5. 383inTheD

    SE Michigan Pellet Heads

    I'm looking to meet someone in South East Michigan who is interested in cost sharing a 1/2 pallet of pellets. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
  6. 383inTheD

    Looking for carnes (sp?) dip

    I'm looking for the recipe for the carnes (spelling?) dip that has been posted in the past. I must be spelling it incorrectly because the search does not find it. This is the chicken, hot wing sauce, and cheese dip. Could someone kindly point me to it? Thanks!
  7. 383inTheD

    Visiting New Orleans

    Off again this next week, this time to New Orleans. I'd love to hear your recommendations and/or disappointments. Thanks, Dan
  8. 383inTheD

    Venison Jerky

    Earlier in the week I asked the kids what they want Dad to cook them this weekend. "Jerky" says the little one. Okie dokie. Dad always like making up venison jerky. Three pounds of meat and two seasonings later, onto the MAK in smoke mode. Heaven. Them kids are gonna have lots of friends...
  9. 383inTheD

    MAK HIGH setting performance

    After looking at some of the other posts where people are setting their grill to HIGH to sear meat (like a steak), I question if I am getting the same performance. Today was a nice day weather wise (74 degrees, no wind) so I set out to collect some data. I started by cleaning the grill (drip...
  10. 383inTheD

    Visiting Europe

    I will be making a trip to Europe and would like to solicit any recommendations before I go. I'll be stopping in London, England and Turin, Italy for a few days each. I have never visited either one but we all know these aren't exactly BBQ mecca's. So, I thought maybe y'all could come up with...
  11. 383inTheD

    Roast Duck, Wild Rice & Kabocha Squash

    I've had the duck on my list of to do's and this was finally the weekend. I started by prepping a brine for the bird using water, cider vinegar, orange juice, smoked salt, sliced oranges, cinnamon sticks, and pink peppercorns. I let the duck chill in the brine for 24 hours before hitting the...
  12. 383inTheD

    Shrimp & Salmon

    Fish Friday My bucket list was telling me I needed to experiment more with seafood so I thought why not? I stopped by the local fish market and picked up some supplies. I first saw they had some fresh sockeye salmon so that immediately went into my brain cart. Next, I thought what about...
  13. 383inTheD

    Surf-n-Turf snacks

    Surf-n-Turf Snacks While I was at the fish market on Friday I picked up 3 whole mackerel so I could smoke them. I was planning to make up a fresh smoked fish dip for my bro’s birthday party. After cleaning and filleting the mackerel, I prepared them by dusting with white pepper and garlic...
  14. 383inTheD

    Satay, Nuke Cukes & Indonesian Burgers

    Sunday Spice I’ve wanted to make a peanut dip sauce on my grill ever since I visited Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill in Vegas. That meal was a nice inspiration above the average Satay dipping sauce. So, I set forth on my adventure to make the best peanut sauce I could. I thought there must be a way...
  15. 383inTheD

    Visiting Dallas

    I'll be taking a business trip to Dallas in a week. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good dining experience that you'd recommend, preferably BBQ. Thanks!
  16. 383inTheD

    Artichoke recipes

    I'd like to grill up some artichokes and convert some disbelievers that they can be delicious. What are your favorite ways to prepare them? Do you have a recipe you wouldn't mind sharing? Thanks & good eats to you.
  17. 383inTheD

    Proper way to use this forum?

    I've had a look at the FAQ's and didn't find my answer there. I'm wondering what is the proper way to post your pics in the forum. Should I ... a) post all pics in the Gallery (post your pics here ...) and then somehow use a link to reference them if used elsewhere? b) post...
  18. 383inTheD

    More Practice with venison

    Practice, practice, practice ... That's what I keep telling my kids. So it's better to be a good example right? Here's what I started with ... After doing a final cleanup of the meat to remove the silver skin, I mixed up my homemade herb pesto consisting of: 3 sprigs rosemary, 3 cloves...
  19. 383inTheD

    What's better than a smoked butt?

    Two smoked butts of course! I got to work from home on Friday so my day started early firing up the M2SG at 3am. I prepped a couple of butts the night before ... I did the first 2 hours on smoke and then bumped it to 225 until IT hit 165. Then increased temp to 275 until finished with IT...
  20. 383inTheD

    PelletSmoking Birthday?

    I was curious when this forum came into existence and it's anniversary. When I look at the oldest posts, it looks like the October 2010 timeframe. Anybody got the scoop? Are there any special events planned around this special date?
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