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    Any Ideas?

    Here is a picture of the display on the controller. [/url]
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    Smoke from the pellet hopper

    I have a MAK 2 star with the optional cold smoker box. Started it up yesterday afternoon so I could cold smoke 3 pork bellies that I had cured for bacon. And I have done this many times in the past. This time however the majority of the smoke is coming out of the hopper lid, not the smoker or...
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    Number 981 is alive and well again.

    Received the new igniter yesterday (thanks Bob) and installed it today. For the most part it was a piece of cake. Right now it's smoking some Chicago 1/4 pound hot dogs from a local butcher. Some mustard and onions and I'm going to be a happy camper tonight.
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    Thinking about selling the Weber

    I have a Weber Summit S670 that I was planning on keeping for grilling. But this is the second time I have used the MAK 2 Star to grill and I'm so pleased with it, I'm thinking of selling the Weber. Last week I grilled a couple tenderloin steaks and they were great. Today it was a couple thick...
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    Sure hope I don't get banned with this question

    If you are smoking something and it comes time to finish it off by wrapping it in foil, is there any reason the foil portion cannot be done in the oven?
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    Taking the plunge tomorrow

    A local dealer has one on the showroom floor, so tomorrow morning I'm going to go buy the Two Star General. Also ordering the optional Super Smoker Box. Can't wait to get started.
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    And that's "Friendly New Guy". :D Been doing my research for the past few weeks and finally decided today to take the plunge. Read a bunch of articles regarding home made bacon and that pushed me over the edge. Got to try that.
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