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    Pellet Grill Lid Seal Mod

    A buddy of mine got a container load of these Traeger Texas "Clones". It was an inexpensive way for me to get into pellet smoking, but I'm already looking to upgrade to a better quality smoker. I noticed the lid leaked a lot of smoke, and if you're leaking smoke, you're leaking heat too. I...
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    Smoked Chipotle Nuts

    Hey Guys Here's my 1st real post on I made some Sweet-N-Hot Smoked Chipotle Nuts They turned out AWESOME! Sweet-N-Hot Chipotle Seasoning 40 oz. Premium Mixed Nuts ¾ oz. Chipotle Powder ¼ oz. Garlic Powder 1 oz. Sugar 2 TBSP Olive Oil Drizzle 2 TBSP Olive Oil onto 40 oz...
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    Hey All, My Name is Todd and I am a pellet smoker

    Hey All! MossyMo turned me onto this site and got signed up right away! I own a Pellet Pro, same thing as a Traeger Texas, with an upgraded ORTECH digital controller and a few other mods. I dig the smoker so far. Looking forward to playing in the sandbox with you guys! Thanks MossyMo for...
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