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    Doing Jerky On The Mak 1 Star

    This my third try at doing jerky on my 1 Star. I cut the meat about 1/4" minus with the grain. I prefer to use flank steak for jerky. It is a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. INGREDIENTS. 3 to 4 pounds flank steak 2/3 cup worcestershire sauce 2/3 cup soy sauce 2/3 cup pineapple juice 1...
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    Condolences To Sparky

    I wanted to say sorry about your 49'rs bud. That was a good game to watch. At least there is always next year.
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    Smokin Cheese on the Mak 1 Round 2

    I smoked 8 lbs of white cheddar cheese today. The abient temp was 32 degrees when I put it on at 8:30 this morning. After 30 minutes the temp was at 50 degrees. At the 2 hour mark the temp was at 61 degrees. At the three hour mark the temp was still at the 61 degree mark. The Maverick probe was...
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    Smoked Cheese Shelf Life

    I have really never read any difinitive information regarding smoked cheese shelf life. If it is vac packed just how long in the fridge is it good for? I have seen up to 6 months. How long have you guys had them for? I plan on smoking 40+ pounds while the weather is cold but will reduce that...
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    Smokin Cheese on the Mak 1

    Why yes you can smoke cheese on the Mak 1 with a little help from the A-MAZE-N PELLET-SMOKER or AMNPS for short. I woke up this morning and the thermometer was at 31 degrees for the ambient temp. After cutting the cheese and resting for an hour it was up to 35 degrees. Here are the players from...
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    Actual Mak 1 Grill Temps

    I have had my Mak 1 Star now for a couple weeks and have ran it with my Maverick 732 probe on both the top and bottom rack. According to the Maverick, the outside 6 inch perimeter of the lower grill is spot on with what the PelletBoss is reading. The rest of the inside lower grill is actually...
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    Mak Start Up

    I have read the manual and it looks like you just set your temp with the lid closed and wait for it to get there. Starting up my Traeger they called for it to be set on smoke with the lid open for 10 minutes before setting the temp. So am I correct with the start up of the Mak? I just want to...
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    Selling To Restaurants

    Now that I have more capacity with my 1 Star I am kicking around the idea of trying to sell pulled pork to restaurants. There is a pizza joint and a bar and grill a few miles from my house. I am not sure if it will take off but I figured what do I have to lose. I don't want to cater and thought...
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    I've officially joined the family

    After months of going back and forth between the Mak 1 and 2 Star I finally made a decision. I just ordered a 1 Star with two upper half racks and a temp probe from BPS. For my needs the 1 Star will do the trick and if Sparky likes his well then I am sure I will dig mine. I am now part of the...
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    Freezing Cooked Ribs

    I did a search and found nothing. I vacuum pack and freeze non cooked ribs on a regular basis with great results. I was wondering if anyone here has had good luck with freezing cooked ribs that are vacuum packed and reheating two weeks or more later?
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    Fat Cap Up Or Down?

    I cooked an 8lb pork shoulder yesterday and it turned out awesome. I cooked it with the fat cap up. I am curious which way you folks cook them. Sorry if there was a thread already on this but I did a search and could find nothing.
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    Beer Dogs

    I am going to cook 15 beer dogs on my Traeger JR for my inlaws tomorrow. These will be appetizers and I have to drive an hour ish to their house. I need to get there by noon. I plan on putting them in a warming plate for the trip down but am not sure what temp to cook them at and for how long...
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    Tri Tip Roast

    I picked up a Traeger Junior last weekend and have done chicken on it which turned out pretty good. I just installed a digital thermometer and am going to cook a beef loin tri tip roast that I picked up at Costco. I did a search and could not find what temp you guys are cooking these at and what...
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