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    suspicious email from mak grills

    Has anybody received a weird email from mak grills The subject line says HEY! Am I coming over to your house this weekend??? Sincerely, Bruce Bjorkman MAK GRILLS PO BOX 419 Dallas,OR 97338 PHONE: (503) 623-1234 FAX: (503) 623-4321 MAK GRILLS, manufacturer of superior wood pellet BBQ...
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    Christmas Ribs But need a little help Sparky

    I am in charge of making Christmas ribs this year, plan on doing 9 slabs of BB Ribs I usually do the 3-2-1 method at 250° but the ribs seem to be too falling off the bone and almost mushy So Sparky care to give me a little advise on the perfect ribs, I believe the correct temp to be 275° But...
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    product shoutout

    Just a note about this product, I got these friday and already have used 4-5 of them these things are great Thanks BP LTS
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    MMMMMMMMMMMM PORK ..........50 pounds of Porkolicious

    getting ready to smoke up just a little bit of bacon what is bacon selling for in the supermarket ? lts
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    looking for a email address for big pappa smokers general product questions

    Hello I am on Big Poppas website looking for a email address to ask a question about grill grates and I cant seem to find anything am I blind or can somebody point me in the right direction Thanks LTS
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    How bout a shout out to .............

    Just got off the phone with Jessie, what a sweetheart, had a few questions on my order and she explained to me what was going on, and just all around a pleasure to talk to. Oh and she remembered my name when I said it for the memorial day coupon credit. BP you need to give her a pat on the back...
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    New Glue

    I am trying out a new glue for me, I am usually a worchester glue person but thought I would change things up a little I am trying Hot Squeeze rub is 17th street magic dust on 1 plowboys on 1 Texas BBQ rub x2 Stay tuned LTS
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    A Little Saturday smoking

    Got two butts going early this morning The one on the right is Butchers Honey Rub no glue The one on the left is Texas BBQ Rub, worchester sauce as glue Stay tuned they are on the pro now for a 225 soak for a few hours
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    Mak Rib Rack

    Hello Can I get the dimensions of the Mak Rib Rack, I did not see it on Mak's site or on BP's site ? Thanks LTS
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    smoke output of the 1 star and 2 star

    I was wondering if any body has or knows where there is a video of the smoke output on a 1 star/2 star at say 180-200 degrees and also at say 450-500 degrees, just curious how much smoke they produce? I have read that they are smoking machines LTS
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    20 # of smoky salty goodness

    Just got done slicing up 20# homemade bacon Oh YA cant wait until I can have a bacon cheeseburger LTS
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    BP did you ever get your secret steak rub in your lineup..........Did i miss it ?

    Bp Did you ever get your steak rub made, done and on the shelves ? LTS
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    Memphis has select and advantage in SS wow

    Just found out that Memphis is going to be selling the Select and the Advantage in Stainless Steel LTS
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    BBQ Log Software Questions

    I have been playing around with the software a little and I have a question, I have been inputting some of my previous smokes, and between deleting adding and screwing around with it now I have actual good records 1-7 and then I don't know what or how I did it but now my next record is 11 so...
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    What to do on a lazy Sunday Aft

    Well it was a lazy day here so had to find something to do Smoked some almonds, sliced up some made SS, sliced up some Ham LTS
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    Bradley Broke Down So had to Improvise

    The Bradley is broke down (heating element bad) So I had to improvise, had to get done for Christmas gifts Used the Amazin Smoker in my Memphis Pro Turned out really good LTS
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    oh man

    Just ready to purchase some Carolina Treat and some Yardbird from BPS when I realized I really want to try the Steak Rub, nuts !! not out yet well will have to wait until it is "on the shelf" before I place my order LTS
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    BP Steak rub

    I did a search for BP steak rub on here and cant come up with anything, wasn't there a thread on some kind of new rub made by BP for steaks ?? LTS
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    philly cheese steaks

    Has anybody done there own philly cheese steaks on there pit ? LTS
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    shoutout to Chris at cooking

    Just a quick thanks to Chris from cooking for getting a distributor within 40 miles of my house, the next closes one is 150 miles away LTS
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