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  1. booboo

    spatchcocked chicken

    I am going to smoke a spatchcocked chicken tomorrow. I am thinking of putting it in a brine tonight and rubbing it with Oakridge Secret Weapon right before putting it on the smoker tomorrow afternoon. I am planning on smoking it at 225 degrees with a mixture of cherry and hickory pellets in...
  2. booboo

    Thanksgiving turkey

    I need some help. I am in charge of the turkey this year and I would like to smoke it. I was hoping for a smaller bird but wife brought home a 20 pounder. I have also been told it would be nice to have stuffing in the bird as the family has always stuffed the bird. Any advice?
  3. booboo


    Has anyone tried putting a tray of water under the grill of your pellet smoker?
  4. booboo

    First Waygu brisket

    Last weekend I made my first Waygu brisket. I turned out awesome but it could have been better. I put it on the Yoder at 4:30 at 275. at 7:30 it was at 170 so I pulled it, wrapped it in foil and put it in a counter top roster at 275. At 2:00 it was done at aprox 205 degrees. I turned the...
  5. booboo


    I have a Yoder pellet smoker and it has an adjustable chimney. I have no idea if I should close it; leave it wide open or what. Can someone tell me how it works?
  6. booboo

    Planning for this weekend

    I have a 11 Lbs brisket I plan to smoke this weekend. How long will it take to thaw in the refrigerator and how long will it take to cook at 275?
  7. booboo

    Thank you

    I placed my first order for a Wagyu brisket with Big Papa's on Wednesday along with 5 Lbs of burger. The dude at Strube that put my package together sent me two briskets and no burger by mistake. They figured this out the next day and sent me the burger over night so it all arrived on the same...
  8. booboo

    wagyu brisket

    I am going to order a wagyu brisket from Big Papa's and want to impress some friends. So far my plan is to rub it the day before, smoke it at 275 until it gets a nice crust, wrap it tightly in foil with a splash of a smoky dark beer I made, then put it in the oven at 275 until it is done. Any...
  9. booboo

    Pellet blend

    I am looking to make a blend of pellets that I can use for everything. I was thinking of getting some black walnut and mix it equally with either apple or cherry. Any ideas?
  10. booboo


    We are having a big crowd for Easter Sunday. Wife asked me if I could smoke a ham and salmon. I haven't done either yet. Any recommendations? I may be able to get a raw free-range ham from a local farmer.
  11. booboo

    Brisket for hunt camp

    I want to smoke a brisket for this years hunt camp in two weeks. I want to smoke it at home and bring it for sandwiches or ??? I have only smoked one brisket since I got my smoker and it turned out OK, it tasted great but I only cooked it to 190 and wished it were a lot more tender. Any...
  12. booboo

    Wanabe pellet smoker

    I have the go ahead from the wife to buy a pellet smoker. I just can't make up my mind on which one. I have Treager dealer in my town but am not sure about the quality. If I buy a Treager it will be the lil tex elite. I am leaning towards the Yoder 480. The problem is there seems to be...
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