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    Tailgater pellet grills

    Has anyone bought a tailgate version of pellet grills. i really wanted a mini mak but i am not certain when they will hit the market and im getting anxious to get one.
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    pork ribs

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    Brisket pastrami

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    St. Louis cut

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    beef rib

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    photo help

    do i have to use photobucket or something similiar to post pics?
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    Sunday Brisket

    No smoke enhancers of any kind....just a mak one star, b$b pellets
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    got it #573

    #573 I am a proud owner of a Mak One Star #573....Its everything I thought it would be and more. Taking a vacation day from my job to cook all day....Yeah, i got it bad!
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    one star flamezone kit

    i am about to pull the trigger on the one star and i am going to purchase the flamezone retrofit kit as well. but i see that the small print says one star grills must use existing diffuser. If that is the case why is a diffuser included in the retro-fit kit. Maybe i am not looking at this...
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