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  1. Baldy52

    Reverse sear on Mak 2 star

    I am really becoming a believer in the reverse sear. After I reach desired temp I remove the meat and put in warming drawer while Mak heats up . I remove flame zone under grill grates. Makes beautiful sear to finish the meat. Ribeye Bumper to bumper tri tip
  2. Baldy52

    UMAI tenderloin

    Tried the UMAI dry steak bag for first time . Trimmed full tenderloin then rubbed with BP Doubke Secret. Vacuum seal and let age for 4-5 days. The bags breath and intensify flavor . Open then cut into thick steaks Reverse seared on Mak 2 star with home grown veggies The flavor was...
  3. Baldy52

    First brisket and first picture posting

    Cooked all night on new 2star general. Kept waking up at night to follow temp on Mak mobile on my phone( so cool). I still have work to do but when my daughters said" this is good can I have more" I thought I died and went to heaven.
  4. Baldy52

    Name is Baldy. I upgraded to the Mak 2 star

    I started three years ago with the Treager texas elite.I made a lot of good meals but a lot of frustrations. I had trouble getting temp above 400 and it was very hard to keep temp constant on high. Now that they are made in China the quality is way down. I had to keep replacing parts. The...
  5. Baldy52

    Newbie Question for bacon

    I see several different recommendations for smoking bacon. Some say to bring slab to internal temp of 150. Others do a long cold smoke. I am not sure how to proceed. If I use a non nitrite cure does that force me to use the 150 degree method? Thanks for any advice,
  6. Baldy52

    Grill Grates on 2 Star

    I wanted to know if anyone has compared grill grates vs Mak's searing grate. I do like to grill steaks and saw the info on the grill grates. They look like a great product. I called the company and they will custom cut them for additional 5$ to fit the Mak 2 star. Just curious on anyone using...
  7. Baldy52

    Now I'm smokin. New 2 star

    Traded out my Treager for the 2 Star Mak general. Wow what a product. Thanks Big Poppa for your great rubs and videos. I cooked tri tip for first time as you showed. I did do a reverse sear after cooking at 275 and used Double secret rub.Unbelievable! I roasted vegetables, cooked new potatoes...
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