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  1. MSUSmoker

    Memphis Genie Multi Tool

    I just received mine today and I love it. Makes cleaning the grill super easy and keeps me a lot cleaner throughout the process. I definitely recommend it to anybody with a Memphis: It even has a bottle opener!
  2. MSUSmoker

    Need some top sirloin advice/tips

    Hey everybody! I've got a big hunk of beautiful wagyu sirlion ( that I'm cooking this weekend. I'm not sure if I should cook it low and slow like a roast or slice it up into steaks and sear them or a combination...
  3. MSUSmoker

    My 1st Brisket

    This is my first brisket. The details on the cook can be found in this thread:
  4. MSUSmoker

    1st Brisket

    So I attempted my first brisket yesterday. It was a big wagyu packer from BPS (highly recommended). I followed Hodedo's suggestions with the injection (a hot button topic in the world of brisket) and not pulling it based on temperature but rather feel in terms of the probe. I smoked it at 185 on...
  5. MSUSmoker

    My name is A.J. and I am now a pellet smoker.

    Long time lurker first time poster (just got a Memphis Pro!). I've learned a lot already from this forum and look forward to learning more. Anybody have tips on doing a brisket? :)
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