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    Italian beef ideas

    I'm looking for some ideas on how to cook a beef roast for Italian beef sandwiches. I was thinking of getting some spices/herbs on the cow and putting it on the MAK at around 225 or so for 1-2 hours. Perhaps on a rack over the juice. After a bit of smoke treatment then put it in the juice...
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    Thanks team BPS!

    I just wanted to post a public thanks to the folks at BPS for their wonderful customer service. I placed an order a few weeks ago and had one of the fancy Tervis mugs sent up. Well, the virtually indestructible mug was destructed. Surprisingly there was very little damage to the box and the...
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    Sooo, I've been semi-lurking around here for a few months now and haven't been scared off, other than some really fantastic posts on what you people are cooking. You folks set some pretty high standards! I live in Oregon, home of the wonderful manufacturers of MAK grill and I'm really happy to...
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    Warming chamber probe slot

    I'm looking for a way to feed a temperature probe (Maverick 732) into the warming/smoking chamber on the Mak 2 star. It won't conveniently fit into one of the vents. Any thoughts folks? I don't really want to drill a hole unless absolutely necessary. Just run it under the cover? Thanks...
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    2 Star Probe Reading

    My pellet boss is displaying a "high" message when my probe is used. I looked in the owners manual and found that it can display "low" but no mention of high. Any thoughts of what is going on? Did I screw up the probe up somehow?
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