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    GrillGrates on a Memphis Advantage?

    I am thinking of buying some GrillGrates for my Memphis Advantage pellet grill. While this grill has the direct flame insert, I am tired of the dance of screaming hot grill parts involved to swap it out for searing a steak after smoking for a reverse sear. I also think that the GrillGrates with...
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    Memphis Advantage pellet backup on long cook

    I did my first overnight cook recently. Put two pork shoulders on my Memphis Advantage at about 10:00pm for pulled pork the next day. I used Lumberjack Competition Blend and set the grill controller at 220 degrees which seemed to hold close to 225 most of the night. When I got up the next...
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    Burned my brisket. What did I do wrong.

    Well, I tried my first brisket on the Memphis Advantage grill Sunday. I have been reading, looking at videos etc. etc. and generally obsessing about how to do it. Unfortunately, the results were not nearly what I hoped for. Very heavy but tasty bark. Bottom and thinner edges were just plain...
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    What is an old Charmglow HEJ worth?

    I have an old (40 - 50 years old) Charmglow HEJ natural gas grill sitting around unused. My dad bought this thing new when I was a kid. I can't imagine the number of burgers that have been cooked on this thing :) . Anyway, we bought a Memphis Advantage grill last year and love it. It replaced...
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    Convenience, cleaning and burgers

    I have been obsessing (really, I mean it) over what to buy to replace our 10+ year old Treager Lil' Tex for the last couple of weeks. I bought a Thermoworks Smoke last year and using it I am starting to realize how inaccurate and inconsistent the temps are on our old Traeger. It's also slow to...
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