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  1. FrozenTundra

    Corned beef Jerky

    Since everyone has corned beef on sale I picked up a small flat and soaked it in cold water for about 45-50 minutes, changing it once. Then it trimmed it up nice Put it in the freezer for an hour to firm it up for slicing. Then sliced it on the same setting I use for thick sliced...
  2. FrozenTundra

    Canadian Bacon

    Used calculator here: DiggingDogFarm Ingredients: 5.33 & 5.47 lb Half Loins (10.8 lbs / 4899 gr) 12.23 grams Cure #1 (156 ppm) 111 grams Kosher Salt (2.5%) 98 grams Dark Muscovado Sugar (2%) (sub dark brown) 13 grams Fresh Ground Tellicherry Pepper (pic from previous single loin batch)...
  3. FrozenTundra

    Bacon - Dry-Rub Cure & Cold Smoke Method

    12 lb - 7.5 oz 11 lb - 9.1 oz lb pork bellies. I buy them with the skin already removed: You will need kosher salt, sugar and cure #1 A.K.A. prague powder, instacure or pink salt. Its easiest to work in grams and I just found the 2nd of the two calculators below and its much simpler and...
  4. FrozenTundra

    My name is Rich and I am a pellet smoker.

    I live in Ashland, WI and I currently use a Cookshack FEC-120 and a Big Green Egg, I also have a old Traeger that hasn't been used since I got the FEC almost a year ago.
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