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  1. Casey

    EAT BBQ Big Boy Pack now available at BPS!

    BPS has put together all of the large sizes of EAT BBQ rubs and sauces for a great deal! Buy now and you'll save $10 off retail, only at BPS! Check it out here:
  2. Casey

    BPS Inventory Counts start tomorrow, get your orders in now!

    It's that time of year again where BPS needs to take stock of everything we have in inventory, so sadly beginning Wednesday 7/9 at 9:30AM PST we will not be processing or shipping any more orders. So, if there was anything anybody still needed to get shipped out, please make sure you place your...
  3. Casey

    BPS Father's Day Pack now available!

    I'm assuming we have a lot of dads on the forums here, but I figured I should let everyone know about our new BPS Father's Day Pack! We've bundled together a 14oz. Money Rub, a 19oz Swamp Boys Original Sauce, a BP Mat, and a BPS Apron at $24.99, so if you need to give someone a hint about what...
  4. Casey

    Memorial Day Photo Contest

    Big Poppa has agreed to judge our upcoming contest for this Memorial Day! We're going to have gift certificate prizes of $15 for Third Place, $20 for Second Place, and $25 for First Place! Since this is a special holiday contest we will also be awarding a $5 gift certificate to everyone who...
  5. Casey

    MAK Smoked Tri Tip Sandwiches

    Its been a while since I last posted a cook, but I think everyone will like this one pretty well! My girlfriend and I had another couple over for a little Game of Thrones viewing party on short notice, I figured tri tip would be a perfect fit since its quick to cook and has a ton of flavor...
  6. Casey

    The West Coast Offense returns this Memorial Day!

    Hey there fellow pellet smokers! Just a quick heads up that we'll be bringing back the West Coast Offense pack for a short time to commemorate this Memorial Day. It's still the same great price, and now we're including Simply Marvelous Popitude! This deal just keeps getting better doesn't it...
  7. Casey

    Prosciutto Wrapped Filets

    I always loved the idea of bacon-wrapped filets, but the restaurant experience never really captured what I had in my head. More often than not, bacon that isn't fried is just kind of limp and greasy, like the kind you find wrapped around fancy steakhouse filets. It seemed to me that the best...
  8. Casey

    Big Poppa's Labor Day Pack is out now!

    Hello, Pellet Smokers! Labor Day is almost upon us, and that means Summer is coming to a close. Get in all the cooking you can, and celebrate your day off with Big Poppa's Labor Day Pack! We've put together some of our favorite rubs and a BPS Mobile Command Center t-shirt, or more specifically...
  9. Casey

    Celebrate Independence with the Big Poppa Smokers Patriot's Pack!

    4th of July is just around the corner, and BPS wants to help you celebrate America's 237th birthday! Fight against the tyranny of bad flavor with the Patriot's Pack! The BPS Patriot's Pack comes with some of our most popular rubs and sauces, featuring BPS Money, Simply Marvelous Pecan, Big Bob...
  10. Casey

    BPS is putting Frogmats on sale!

    Attention all Smokers, Big Poppa Smokers are liquidating their entire stock of Frogmats, and they will be on sale for as long as we still have them in stock! To check prices and order, you must call the BPS Hotline. Please make sure to only call to place orders during our regular office hours...
  11. Casey

    Big Poppa Clearance Sale!

    Hey there, folks! Casey from BPS here just letting you all know that we have a clearance on some of our items that we're discontinuing! Come on by and get a deal on some rubs and sauces. Some of the brands in this clearance include: - Texas Pepper Jelly - Soileau's Cajun Spice - Smokin'...
  12. Casey

    New BPS 4th of July Special Rub Pack

    Hey, folks! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on what's new here at BPS. Since America's Birthday is coming up we thought it would be great to give everyone a nice pack of rubs for a good deal! All of these rubs together would normally cost $37.99 but we're offering the whole bundle for...
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