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  1. TTNuge

    Sam's Club Woodbury, MN Comp happening now

    Sitting in the parking lot, all set up and ready to go. Beautiful day after a brief rain storm dropped the temp by almost 10 degrees. They got us packed in here like sardines so I'm glad there's a nice breeze. We're set up right across the parking lot aisle from "Famous Dave" himself, I knew...
  2. TTNuge

    Rough day for Trent but a decent day for team Butts, Mak n Que.

    Had our second comp this weekend and I was trying to back up that 5th place chicken I got two weeks ago. Well I knew at first taste that I missed my flavor profile, got them a little on the hot side somehow and I knew I was in trouble. What I wasn't expecting is an odd shaped turn it box that...
  3. TTNuge

    Minnesota in May

    I guess there are worse conditions to have for your first contest but it was 90+ degrees both days with winds gusting near 30mph and pretty much over 15-20 all day both days. Hot, sweaty and sticky were the words of the game. I'm cooking with a friend of mine from the town I live it, we...
  4. TTNuge

    First Competition Jitters

    OK, it's only Monday, contest isn't until the weekend, I already have a knot in my stomach and can't think about anything else. This is crazy. I've been over lists, looking at my time lines, checking supplies, rubs, sauces, disposable stuff, knives, etc. I already had Friday off work so we...
  5. TTNuge

    Is the temp probe used when set to HIGH on the 2 Star?

    Curious if the 2 Star uses the pit probe temp at all when you set your grill to HIGH or if it is a preset program? Anyone seen higher temps using HIGH vs 450* or visa versa? Just curious, not something I've tested out.
  6. TTNuge

    Way to go Big Poppa Smokers!!

    Moving on to the Regional Sam's Club contest! 4th Overall 2nd Chicken !!!!!1ST Ribs!!!!!! 19th Pork 8th Brisket Way to go guys! I'm guessing Money and Happy Ending played a big factor in your weekend contest!!!
  7. TTNuge

    Quick Jimbotron question

    Those of you using a "Jimbotron" type setup or some other inverter setup at comps and elsewhere do you run one of those large in line fuses? And I should know this but I'm drawing a blank right now, if you do fuse one of the wires do you fuse the positive or the negative line? Thanks, Trent
  8. TTNuge

    Thinking of selling my MAK 2 Star

    And buying a new 2012 2 Star..... Sounds pretty insane when I think about it but I just can't stop thinking about that new model, the SS exterior and that new setup inside. The wife would shoot me.... unless I figure out a way to do it without her knowing. Too bad there isn't a trade in/trade...
  9. TTNuge

    John Markus on BBQ Central Radio right now

    He mentioned several teams/people but the first team he mentioned...... Big Poppa Smokers.
  10. TTNuge

    Two weeks in Chicago. What to do? Any must see BBQ joints?

    Last time I was in Chicago it was to visit Wrigley field and the Cubby Bear and we didn't get to do much of anything else. Leaving in less than a week for two weeks of training. I'll be there by myself, staying downtown and will be without a car except for maybe a rental on the weekend. Other...
  11. TTNuge

    Hey Big Poppa, what's on tap for Black Friday?

    You guys open? Any specials for us special customers? :D:D:D:D
  12. TTNuge

    Wow! What a weekend with BP, Johnny and Trish Trigg and the entire BPS gang.

    Words cannot begin to describe what a wonderful weekend the Master Class was. Great people all around , an incredible wealth of information, great food and an awesome time! I'm completely exhausted right now after getting up early on Friday for my flight out and then getting up at 2am this...
  13. TTNuge

    BBQ Pitmaster marathon was on last night. Got me thinking of one thing.......

    Less than THREE WEEKS till I meet the Godfather of BBQ and Big Poppa! I can't wait, getting very excited about the whole trip and the experience. Was neat watching Johnny on TV and telling my kids that I'm going to meeting him in just over two weeks time and learning to do exactly what he...
  14. TTNuge

    Today was a very good day thanks to BPS!

    Well I finally decided to bite the bullet today and paid for the Johnny Trigg BBQ class this November. Hate to miss the opening of Deer Hunting here in Minnesota but a man has to have his priorities. Fortunately due to some Credit Card points and hotel stays I have 2 free round trip tickets...
  15. TTNuge

    Keep your cover secure

    Just wanted to give you all a reminder to keep your cover on and to secure it to the grill if you are expecting any inclement weather. Last night we had a pretty nasty storm roll through, 2" of rain coming down sideways in a short period of time. I used my grill yesterday and put it away like...
  16. TTNuge

    So this Meadow Creek PR36....

    Are any of the accessories a must have? Is it possible to do a whole hog or should a guy look to the PR42 or 60? Is there anything the PR36 has that the bigger ones don't? I really like the idea of being able to do a whole hog but I honestly think it would be a once a year thing at most...
  17. TTNuge

    Any tips or recipes for smoking a Wild Turkey?

    My Dad shot a turkey last weekend and wants me to smoke it. Not one to deny a smoking challenge I told him I would get it done. My Dad has never been too thrilled with the taste of the wild turkey he's shot in the past so I want to wow him with this. Anyone every do one on a MAK or other...
  18. TTNuge

    Is it my imagination or did the Meadow Creek PR36 go up in price?

    I think it may just be me and my wishful thinking but I was thinking of getting one and I swear it's $100 more than it was yesterday. Not complaining, I'm sure it's worth it and I'm still thinking about it but I thought I had my $$$ straight.
  19. TTNuge

    Starting a 90 day weight loss challenge this weekend, will my poor MAK be neglected?

    I certainly hope not. I've already been working at losing weight the last month or so, been eating a lot of fish, chicken, turkey, etc. But after this weekend I really need to step it up. I've been hitting the gym at least 3 times a week and plan on going more for the next three months at...
  20. TTNuge

    Ace of Hearts BBQ Specialties

    Anyone every hear of, cook with, take a class from Ace of Hearts and/or Rob Russell specifically? Just curious as he is hosting a class local to me next weekend and I know I won't get JT's secret rib recipe but it still may be worth attending. Feel free to PM me with info if you feel the need...
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