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  1. FLBentRider

    Christmas 2014 rib roast

    On the MAK @200F with BD Hickory. IT was 120F - the plan was to put it in a 550F convection oven for 8 minutes, but the Mrs had the oven in use. So I used a torch of sorts (a electric fan-based charcoal starter) to put the crust on the outside
  2. FLBentRider

    Better late than never - our Thanksgiving bird

    Brined the bird I've got 10 pounds of bacon and I'm not afraid to use it Wrapped and ready On to the MAK 2 star @250F with BD Hickory pellets Getting some color Done Sliced Sides etc
  3. FLBentRider

    Memorial Day ribs

    Memorial Day ribs Six racks of baby backs from Sams club On the MAK 2 star with BD Pecan pellets After three hours @225F, time for some foil love with white wine and garlic Done Pour off the liquid from the foil, de-fat and render down to a sauce: Homemade mac and cheese
  4. FLBentRider

    End of school year pulled beef

    Started with a 30lb Chuck roll from RD. It was bad. Returned it and got a 25lb one. Cut it up Rubbed with "Salt lick" clone: 3:3:1:1 Salt:Pepper:Garlic:Cayenne On the MAK to 2 star - programmed the pellet boss for four hours on SMOKE then 225F The next morning Boating each piece...
  5. FLBentRider

    Rib Eyes

    Bought a whole rob eye from RD. Cut it into steaks. I hit some with Big Poppas Double Secret Steak Rub The turn Plated with sauteed mushrooms and onions.
  6. FLBentRider

    Grilled Salmon

    A couple of salmon slabs from Sams One with Everglades heat, the other with seasoned salt, seasoned pepper and garlic On to the MAK @350F Done! Plated with tots
  7. FLBentRider

    Old School Brisket

    Start with an 18lb packer from RD, rub with "Salt Lick" clone rub. On the MAK with BD Cherry - set the Pellet Boss for 4 hours on SMOKE, then 225F - This was at 9PM The next morning The Afternoon Sliced: Sides - Spinach Salad with Bacon dressing Homemade Penne and Cheese Plated:
  8. FLBentRider

    Baby Back ribs with Foil love sauce

    Started with 5 racks of baby backs, applied Alton brown rub with 1/2 the salt. On the MAK for 2 hours @ 225F with BD Hickory Time for some Foil Love - Foil wrap with more rub, butter, honey and a couple of glugs of white wine. 2 hours in the foil, one @ 225F, one @ 250F After the foil...
  9. FLBentRider

    Brisket and burnt ends

    I started with a 17lb brisket, added "salt lick clone" a 3/3/1/1 mixture of salt/pepper/garlic/cayenne Almost done. At this point (lol) I separated the point, chopped it up and re-seasoned it, then back on the MAK Done! Thanks for looking.
  10. FLBentRider

    Happy Birthday Surf and Turf

    Happy Birthday Surf and Turf Start with 3 Tri-tips and six lobster tails I used BP's double secret steak rub on 2 and Head country on the other on the MAK in SMOKE mode with BD Mesquite pellets After about an hour, the IT is around 100F - move to cold smoke area to rest while MAK heats up...
  11. FLBentRider

    Flank Steak fajitas

    Flank Steak Fajitas Start with some RD flank steaks, in the Mrs. Top Secret marinade (even she can't repeat it exactly) on the MAK 2 star on HIGH with BD mesquite pellets Done, IT 130F Sliced Onions Assembly Oh Yeah!
  12. FLBentRider

    Off Topic - what I did on Valentines Day

    Home Page Click the video. We delivered nine of these all day.
  13. FLBentRider

    Beef ribs fit for Fred Flintstone

    Beef ribs fit for Fred Flintstone Beef ribs - This is one of those "nemesis" cuts that I have not been able to get to turn out the way I wanted. I think the problem has been more with the source meat than the methods. Started with some beef ribs from RD Keeping it simple with Kosher salt...
  14. FLBentRider

    Flank Steak Quartet

    Flank Steak Quartet Four flank steaks, each with a different rub, all reverse seared. Rubs - Head country the renouned Mr Brown John Henry Raspberry chipolte Dove Chocolate discoveries sweet and spicy cocoa rub All rubbed up and ready to go Cocoa and Raspberry chipolte Mr. Brown and Head...
  15. FLBentRider

    baby back ribs with white zinfandel sauce

    Baby back ribs The pack of ribs from Sams club: Alton Brown rub, salt cut in half On the MAK at 225F with BD "leftover mix" Three hours later Time for some Foil Love. Instead of Brown sugar I used a 1/4 cup of the rub, which has a lot of brown sugar in it. I also added a couple of glugs...
  16. FLBentRider

    Slow tri-tip

    Slow tri-tip I have done tri-tip with the reverse sear, this one I did on "smoke" the whole way. Start with a tri-tip I had some renouned Mr. Brown left over: On the MAK 2 Star on "smoke" with BD Sugar maple When the ID it 130 I pulled it, and wrapped for a rest It's done! Plated...
  17. FLBentRider

    New years day wings

    Start with about 20lbs of wings - on the MAK @400 with BD Oak Done! We made a traditional Hot wing sauce and some Raspberry chipolte She made another Jack Daniels Pecan pie What we wash wings down with
  18. FLBentRider

    New Years Eve Mussels

    10lbs of Prince Edward Island mussels, plus a couple of onions, garlic, wine and lemon. Cook the onions in olive oil until soft. Add garlic, red pepper, salt and 4 cups of white wine, bring to a boil add mussells Done! Render what was left in the pot into a sauce, use for dipping -...
  19. FLBentRider

    The Bacon Explosion

    Start with Bacon and 2lbs of Jimmy dean Hot Add in another 1lb of cooked bacon in the center. Roll and smoke Sorry no cut pic
  20. FLBentRider

    Christmas dinner on the MAK

    Christmas Dinner on the MAK Start with a 15lb fresh Turkey, brine overnight in water, salt, vegetable broth and honey Rinse, Season, add some bacon Into the MAK @300F with BD Sugar Maple A few hours later Done The fastest color of Thermapen Evil minions waiting for the turkey to rest...
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