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  1. Bear

    What to do with leftover pulled pork?

    I love BBQ Nachos made with leftover pulled pork. It's also great on a baked potato, or in a Quesadilla (sp?). What kind of creative uses have you found for pulled pork?
  2. Bear

    Rib Membrane - How do you remove it?

    I thought this subject deserved a thread of its own. As I have stated before, I pull it off with catfish skinners. It's the best way that I have found.
  3. Bear

    Baby Backs or Spares?

    Which do you prefer? I am currently leaning towards St. Louis cut spares. I've cooked a lot of baby backs, but since I have learned to trim to St. Louis cut, it seems I buy more spares. I find that I can buy full slabs of spares, and even if I trim them and throw the scraps away, they cost...
  4. Bear

    What is your favorite thing to cook on your pellet smoker?

    For me it's ribs. I used to do a lot of baby backs, but lately, I've been leaning more to the St. Louis spares.
  5. Bear

    Wet or Dry

    How do you like your ribs?
  6. Bear

    How many outdoor cookers (grills/smokers) do you own?

    In other words, how bad do you have this BBQing disease? I have a total of 6, but only about 3 of them see much use.
  7. Bear

    What do you cook better, now that you are cooking w/ pellets?

    For me it's chicken. I never really turned out any chicken that was this good on any other cooker.
  8. Bear

    Happy Birthday Big Poppa!

    Hope you have a great day.
  9. Bear

    How important is "Just the right cut of meat"

    Is the cut more important than the process? This BBQ thing started out by mostly taking the cheap cuts of meat and making them edible. How long do you stand in the meat dept. trying to find the "perfect" cut?
  10. Bear

    Christmas List

    What's Santa gonna bring you to support your BBQ habit? I hope I get a Thermapen.....
  11. Bear

    Ribeye for lunch

    Had to go to the store to get some butts to cook tonight, so I picked up a little ribeye for lunch. Olive oil, sea salt, garlic pepper. The Memphis is heating up to 500*. More to come.....
  12. Bear

    Do you preheat?

    Do you preheat your pellet smoker before you put something in to cook? Why or why not?
  13. Bear

    Favorite Rub for Ribs

    If you use a commercial rub for ribs, what is it? Me, I like 3 Eyz on ribs.
  14. Bear

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

    Just wondering how many like to change their recipe with every cook. I'm the type that once I find something that I like, I usually stick to it. I've been cooking butts pretty much the same way for at least 10 or 12 years. I like them that way, and so does just about everyone that has tried...
  15. Bear

    How many of you use foil to keep your smoker clean?

    I used to foil the drip tray (drawer) in the bottom of my Memphis Pro, but I decided it was easier to clean it than to foil it. No foil for me anywhere now. I'm saving it to wrap my head in to keep the aliens from taking over....
  16. Bear

    Ribs on the Memphis

    I just wanted to be the first to post a pic here.
  17. Bear


    I've been smokin' hog meat for longer than I want to admit. I've been using my Memphis Pro since April, and I am loving it!
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