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  1. Daz

    Debris in my pellets

    Hi all. Long time since I've been here. This morning I replaced the igniter on my Mak 2 star. I put it all back together and my auger wouldn't rotate. Hmmmm? I took it back apart and made sure everything was plugged in correctly. I fired it up and still no pellets feeding to the pot. So, I...
  2. Daz

    Learning curve

    Hi everybody, I smoked my first brisket yesterday. I was going to enter it into the weekend contest but couldn't get my pics to upload. It's probably a good thing I could'nt because this brisket was NOT good. Here are the details: 1. 6.5 lb. flat vac sealed from sams club. 2. I researched...
  3. Daz

    My name is Daz and I am a pellet smoker.

    Big Hello from southwest Ohio (where its cold and rainy). Life is good here, everybody is healthy and we're still working. We have many blessings, especially when that UPS semi pulled in front of the house today. My son finished his exams early and helped me put the new Mak 2 together. We put it...
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