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    Stuffed Mushroom Recipe?

    Anyone have a killer stuffed mushroom recipe?
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    Baby backs - one with foil, one without

    Watched BP's video on baby backs and tried his foil method with brown sugar, honey and parkay. Second rack I used a different rub, didn't wrap in foil and used a glaze for the last 30 minutes. Both came out amazing but I have to say, I couldn't stop myself from lapping up the glaze that came...
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    Fish and Chips with homemade tartar sauce

    It can be hard to find good fish and chips. Who can come up with a smoked version with homemade tartar sauce?
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    Pellet recommendation

    I didn't see a post on this... Any suggestions on one pellet manufacturer over another? I have a Traeger Big Tex and have always used Traeger's pellets (usually oak or mesquite). Traeger tells you to stick with their pellets but I don't know if switching will void the warranty.
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    My name is Rob and I am a pellet smoker in the big D

    Hey y'all... New to the site. Purchased a Traeger Texas in March and love it. Looking forward to posting pics and getting advice with everything SMOKE.
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