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  1. OLE

    OUTSTANDING Stuffed Pork Chops... Tatonka3A2 Style

    OMG! This may have been the best cook I have ever done on the MAK (Berta) or even the best cook on anything! I altered this just a little... Used Parmigiano Reggiano for the cheese and added a little BPS Jallelujah Bacon Jalapeño Rub along with Sweet Money. The White Wine Artichoke Tampenade...
  2. OLE

    Does size matter?

    I have done quite a few pork butts that were in the 5 to 7 pound range and have found a good working base for my smoke (Thanks to the knowledge from this forum!). I have been asked to smoke about 30+ pounds of pork (6 5-lb butts) for a group and am wondering if I need to allow more time on Berta...
  3. OLE

    All Aboard the S.S. Bent

    I know many of you use a similar technique but, I took this weekends smoke from an inspired cook Bent did a few weeks ago... Went with a sirloin roast and seasoned it up with a little garlic olive oil and some of BP's Double Secret Steak Rub (I REALLY like that :)) Out to BERTA for a little...
  4. OLE

    Game Time Appetizers and a Question

    Quick post during Steelers / Broncos half-time game... (GO STEELERS!) Appetizers for the game :)!! Smokey - Smokey... Now the question... I have a lot of good jalapenos on the vine in the garden. I am looking for feedback on a good way to freeze/preserve my jalapenos??? Thanks in advance!
  5. OLE

    Pulled Pork... Get'n ready for GAME DAY

    Big day on Sunday so I thought I would smokey me some pulled pork Saturday night hoping for leftovers on Sunday... "Game Day"! A little "Money" for my butt:) (I am really likin' this rub!) Time for Berta to do her magic... PERFECT! The STAR of the show along with Ma's scratch baked beans...
  6. OLE

    Cajun n' Bacon Stuffed Peppers

    What a GREAT weekend for some smokin'! I did some reverse sear Ribeye Steaks Saturday night and they were OUTSTANDING! My damn iPhone didn't cooperate so I couldn't post pics :mad: So I "warmed" Berta Sunday morning for some lunch... ABT's anyone? This was my first go with these...
  7. OLE

    Inspired by sparky

    I have pondered for some time on a method for Berta's first rib cook and finally decided on a "sparky style"... Baby backs painted with canola oil and rubbed with BP's Money, smokin' at 250 for 2 1/2 hours... Foiled with dark brown sugar and butter (real) for another hour... There were four...
  8. OLE

    Chicken by Berta

    Spatchcocked chicken rubbed with some of BP's Money Dinner time with some fresh picked from the garden 'cukes and cherry tomatoes! The chicken was "deliciousness"! Unfortunately, I did not take the time to set up a programmed cook and the breast ended up a little dry. Waiting for the iPhone...
  9. OLE

    My name is Curt and I am a (new) pellet smoker.

    After "lurking around" on, I came across an article about pellet smoking and became instantly hooked! And so the journey begins... My MAK 2 Star General (#1062) arrived earlier this week (THANKS Big Poppa!) and my first smoke will be some PIG CANDY!
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