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    Burger Techniques

    Used to be the way I cooked burgers was to crank up the gas burner, throw on some frozen patty’s, and flip em til they are dry. I’m thinking this technique is unsatisfactory on a 2 star. So how do you do burgers? Upper or lower grate? Flame zone covers on or off? To sear or not to sear? Do you...
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    Cook then serve next day

    Hi all Doin my first (2) pork butts for a family feed on Saturday. Due to weather I plan on doin the cook on Friday. So what do you do in a similar situation? I’ve heard from towels and coolers to let it sit on the counter after reaching 203. Cool to what temp Pull it Friday or wait till...
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    Fire pot pin

    Just assembled 2 Star #3949 While unpacking I found the fire pot pin in the bottom of the box. When I reinstalled it I found it very loose. It’s not going to fall out but I was wondering if this was correct.
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    Needing a confidence builder.

    My 2 Star General should be arriving soon and I’d like some input on what to cook first. I know I can grill or smoke on it and since I’ve never run a smoker I’d like to try smokin first. So what’s easy? I could use a little confidence boost to start things up. I have some rubs from Big Poppas...
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    Upper grate or griddle

    Took advantage of the Memorial Day sale and ordered a 2 Star General. Now I find out that I have a bunch of poppa points. Sweet! So what do you think is the best bang for the buck (or points). I’m new to pellets and smoking in general. I can’t imagine at this point of doing more than 1 brisket...
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    New guy

    Hi all I’m Mike I’m new to pellets. New to posting. Newly retired. And have a new 2 star arriving soon. One of my retirement goals is to learn how to cook. My boys are very good with their grills and smokers. I on the other hand over cook everything on my soon to be retired genesis. Lookin...
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