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    Hi everyone

    Wow it has been a while since I have been on. Still see lots of people recognize from way back when. So a long time hello to all my friends from the past. Was looking for the weekly contest? is it still on?
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    Last cook on the deck

    [/IMG] Think it is time to move to the garage for the winter. Get out the blanket and maybe some fire bricks for the bottom to control the temps a little better. I was thinking about some county style ribs today I will keep you posted.
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    Thanksgiving north of the border

    We celebrate ours October 9th, just in time for the fall harvest. Hunting has begun turkey, deer, duck ,and goose are all in full swing and this is my favorite time of year.. I've finished my work in the bee yards for the day and now its time to cook! I've got fresh chentrelle, and pasture...
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    Traeger Auger Jam

    Little help here please. Got my first and hopefully last auger jam and not just sure how to fix this. I use a Traeger 075
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    Hey, Thanks

    Just want to take a moment to say thanks. Last weekend I was pulling my hair out trying to get my post onto the contest. So I put it out there for the members to help and it was not long before I had a couple of members who could help come to my rescue. So thanks I would also like to thank...
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    Victoria Day Weekend Feast Part 1

    So here in Canada we are having a long weekend and I think there is a rule that you must drink beer and BBQ on a long weekend. Solo this weekend the menu 2.6lb Tbone steak, Shrimp, Lobster, Stewed tomato's and beans, Potato's and onions in foil, and fresh market bread.... The Steak [/IMG] The...
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    Brisket and Beef Ribs

    Well I was excited about my Easter cook and the weekend comp, but my plans got changed. All good though it is what we sighed up for and when the tones go off we go. I have left people at concerts, restaurants, hockey games and not returned home for hours, it is a big commitment but any fire...
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    Its the long weekend

    This should be a good one. Long weekend 4 days off just think what can I smoke? I bet Sparky does no less than 6 racks any takers? Myself I I have my butcher cornered as we speak, setting me up with a nice Grey/Bruce County beef brisket and short ribs. And a Friday morning in the boat for...
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    Cold Smoker

    Had a buddy make me a cold smoking box to use with my Traeger. [/IMG] Not the best pic. I plan on using flex vent pipe to run smoke in the bottom. It also has lots of room for racks and dowels for hanging stuff. Planned on doing fish in it but was hoping to try doing other things like bacon...
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    Number of Views

    Just noticed the number of views on our contest treads and wow three weeks ago we had 1181 and last weeks was 854. The latest is at 678 and it was only created on Friday. It is wild how many people view these posts
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    Got the Goods

    Well look out now I got the goods, been watching everyone using the stuff and just had to give it a try. Thanks BP for the apron. [/IMG]
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    Back in the game

    Slight set back in life but I am back in the game. Got the ribs on the Traeger (pics to follow) Getting some bannock ready to go, good Canadian tradition and easy to make. The weather is finally starting to break and spring is just around the corner, my order from BP will be here soon (this...
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    Smoke Daddy?

    Was messing around on u tube and came across this thing called a Smoke Daddy attached to a Traeger. Never seen one before whats the deal with them they seem simple enough. Just looking for some input?
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    Looking for some duck

    Hey BP I remember something about duck a while back? Fresh wild duck is the best I cant wait to see what you come up with..
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    Trouble with my Treager

    So I was all ready to cook up the winner yesterday but was shut down because of tech. difficulty. Man your all lucky cause I had the winner... Anyhow cleaned out the bottom with the vac. Put everything back together and started it up, everything good to this point. Looking at the digital temp...
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    Need help with Pics

    Was hoping to post some pics but I am not sure how to do that? The pics are saved on my computer and when I hit attach image it asks me for the URL of my image http:// I,m lost please help. Would have liked to posted pics for the weekly cook off
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    Shipping costs

    Hey, BP was looking at some of the rubs and stuff. Wondering about shipping to Canada and more specifically Ontario.
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    How to select the best rach of ribs

    I was out today to pick up some nice back ribs for the Traeger this weekend (sparky is the cause of that. thanks). Had to go to a couple of places to find back ribs.. Most only had side ribs. But anyhow that got me thinking about how to select the best ribs back or side and how to choose one...
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    I want a do over

    It was not that long ago that I placed a new post as a new pellet smoker with a country smoker. Well that has changed I am now a proud owner of a Traeger. It is a long story but basically things went bad so I said uncle and sent it back.
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    Beef short ribs

    Pulled out some beef short ribs and looking for some tips. I have been making my own rubs for some time now and have had great success. But i struggle with a good mop, I know some people do not use mops but i like them and its a nice way to finish stuff. As well I was out fishing this...
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