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  1. muebe

    PTG Tri-Tip

    Started with a frozen Tri-Tip seasoned with Instant Gourmet Original... Put the PID on the PTG in manual mode at 10% power. That resulted in a 180F temp range and constant output of smoke... I put the Tri-Tip on while frozen. I had to bump up the PID up to 12% power to maintain the same...
  2. muebe

    PTG Cornish Game Hens

    So now it is time to put the new PID I installed in the PTG to the test ;) Started with a couple hens... Now on a side note the vacuum tumbler I just bought is a cheap one that uses a hand operated pump for creating vacuum in the canister. So I made up a little adapter using parts I found in...
  3. muebe

    Jallelujah butts

    Start with a couple of boneless Costco butts... Slathered in Molasses then a liberal coating of Big Poppa's Jallelujah Bacon Jalapeno Rub was applied... Onto the Memphis last night at 8 P.M. at setpoint of 220F and the A-MAZE-N tube smoker loaded with Maple pellets... Both butts...
  4. muebe

    Big Easy Seared Dry-Aged Rib Eyes with Balsamic Vinegar Blue Cheese Mushrooms

    Started with two dry-aged rib eyes that were seasoned with Salt, Pepper, Parsley, Garlic and Onion... Onto the Big Easy with a SRG grill installed for a quick sear... After 8 minutes they are done... Now onto the topping. Start with mushrooms in a pan with olive oil and Penzey's Muriel...
  5. muebe

    Spent some contest coupon codes ;)

    Thanks BP!
  6. muebe

    Carolina Treet Chicken Legs & Bacon Wrapped Smoked Ravoli

    Started with chicken legs... Legs went into the vacuum tumbler with Carolina Treet and a cup of water... Went for 20 minutes of tumbling... Meanwhile I took out some frozen ravioli stuffed with chestnuts, prosciutto, and apple. Each one wrapped with bacon and coated with Big Poppa's...
  7. muebe

    Got a box today!

    What we got? My new vacuum marinator/tumbler! Thanks Todd at A-Maze-N ;)
  8. muebe

    My new PTG

    I got a box today... Very well packaged... Came fully assembled out of the box. Just had to install the handle... continued...
  9. muebe

    Knife question...

    I was looking through BP's selection of slicing knives. I am looking for one that would work best at making paper thin slices in Lox for example. What knife would you suggest is the best choice? I sure did butcher my last batch of Lox due to not having a proper slicing knife.
  10. muebe

    Halloween pumpkins

    Just got done carving a couple pumpkins. Oogie boogie... And my daughter wanted a unicorn...
  11. muebe

    Spatched Chicken & Infuser Stuffed Poblano Peppers

    Started with a whole chicken... Spatched and a heavy coating of Big Poppas Money Rub... Onto the Memphis set at 325F... Now for the peppers... Fire roasted on the top burner. This brings out another flavor profile and tenderizes the flesh... Now slice open along the vein and...
  12. muebe

    What's for breakfast?

    Crab cake, bacon, and cheese omelette with scalloped hash browns & onion cooked in a little bacon grease ;)
  13. muebe

    Dry Aged Rib-Eyes and Potato Grenades

    Started with gold potatoes and jalapenos... Now core a hole into the potato... Open a jalapeno up and remove the insides... Now add some cheese... Then shove the pepper into the tater... Repeat three more times. Then spray the outside of the taters with cooking spray and...
  14. muebe

    Infuser Keta Salmon & Cornbread Stuffing Smashers

    Local store had Keta Salmon on sale so I could not pass it up... Removed the bones and butterflied. Then coated with Big Poppa's desert Gold Seasoning and some Soileau's... Into the pre-heated Infuser on the gas grill side burner on medium flame. Dropped some Maple pellets in there...
  15. muebe

    Infuser Center Loin Cut Pork Stuffed Pork Chops

    Started with two frozen chops seasoned with M-2... Slice them for stuffing. And now for some pulled pork corn bread stuffing.. Then add some grated Parmesan and Penzy's Apple Pie seasoning... Fill em' up... Then topped with some more M-2, Big Poppa's Little Louie Garlic Seasoned...
  16. muebe

    Stuffed Cornish Game Hens and Grilled Artichokes

    Start with 2 hens... Leftover pulled pork finely chopped... Add some cornbread stuffing... Stuffed the game hens and seasoned with John Henry's Chicken Tickler... Infuser loaded with cherry pellets and chips. Onto the gas grill side burner on high with a 5 minute pre-heat ...
  17. muebe

    Stuffed Bacon & Sausage Wrapped Shrimp with Infuser Smoked Avocado

    So here are some of the players... Started with 1Lb of Wild Alaskan Shrimp. They were peeled and then soaked in a Hickory Salt Brine for a couple of hours... Time to mix the stuffing for the shrimp in the mini-prep. Imitation crab meat, cream cheese, garlic, BP Desert Gold Seasoning...
  18. muebe

    Time for some Lox ;)

    Local store had Salmon on sale for $7.99 a Lb. so I bought a 4Lb filet to make Lox with.... Both sides completely coated with coarse Hickory Smoked Salt... It is important to use coarse salt otherwise the finished product might end up being too salty. Also try and not get a tail cut like I...
  19. muebe

    Tri-tips on sale

    My local Abertson's had untrimmed Tri-tips on sale for $2.99 a Lb. I was surprised how much little fat trimming was required on the bottom. Real good deal ;)
  20. muebe

    Meat Sushi

    Here are the players... Started with making the rice. After the rice is finished you need to mix it in a bowl with 2 tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar, 2 tablespoons smoked sugar, and one tablespoon Sea Salt... Rice after mixing... Now set the rice to the side for later. Time to marinate the...
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