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  1. Jables

    Another use for Money!

    Makes a killer rimmer on a Caesar!
  2. Jables

    Get well soon Kim.

    Got word today KimG SOW had some kind of surgery. Hope all is well and your finishing up Andy's turn in boxes in no time. If all spouses worked together like you two, there would be no chance for a lot of folks on the competition circuit.
  3. Jables

    It happened

    In officially a die hard pellet guy. Power went out in the middle of my cook. Rather than moving my food five feet over to the gasser. I pulled my 4500 watt generator 200 feet across the grass to keep my cook going. No regrets.
  4. Jables

    BPS storefront?

    Gonna be in the SoCal dessert in three weeks. (Indio) the time share has a gasser:( however I'm thinking I could still pull off a tasty tritip or two. Is there a place nearby to pickup some money? Any competitions in the area to check out?
  5. Jables

    Ribs, for me this time. Sorta.

    After cooking an obscene amount of baby backs on Thursday, and not really getting much sauce on my face, I thought I better do it again. This time with meatier ribs. On the cooker After two hours at 250 After some foil love and a slather of my 'black & blue' sauce. Money shot with some other...
  6. Jables

    22 racks!

    I signed up for a local rib competition. Little did I realize they're handing me 22 racks of baby backs. Freaked out a bit here, competition is on Thursday and I find out this morning. Lil tex is getting a work out it looks like. If I'd have known sooner, I would've had time to buy a good...
  7. Jables

    Look what just arrived

    Now I can put what I learned in Andy and Kim's shadow class to work: Thanks Kristen.
  8. Jables

    Man I love weekends

    Prime rib almost ready to come off. 120 IT. Pork butts going on tonight.
  9. Jables

    Pulled pork, first attempt.

    Goin to try two shoulders on my lil tex this weekend. Need some can't miss ideas on rubs or injections. I'm putting then on fri night at 3 am to get them ready for 3 pm Saturday. Thanks in advance for the help guys.
  10. Jables

    Newbie from BC coast.

    Names alex. Just picked up a lil Tex last week. Cooked a mean beer can chicken and a few other experiments. Hoping to keep on learning.
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