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  1. Buffalotom

    Pellet Comp Cooking Class

    I was wondering if anyone was doing a comp class for pellet smokers? I told my wife that I wanted a comp class for pellet smokers for my birthday. She agreed. Love her lots!
  2. Buffalotom

    First BEEF Brisket

    After a few tries of smoking buffalo brisket, I tried a beef brisket. I also did it low and very slow. I started by brineing it in Sweet Water Spice Brisket Bath for 18 hours and then at 3 in the afternoon I put it on the Mak on smoke after rubbing with Money Rub. The temp averaged 175. At...
  3. Buffalotom

    Curling Ribs

    I am smoking ribs on my Mak today and after two hours on 250 I took a peek and the ribs are curling. Is this natural? I have never had them do that before. I am using the 2-2-1 method. So they are foiled now.
  4. Buffalotom

    Money Rub

    BP, Whats the latest on putting Money Rub on sale to the public? This public is salivating:D. I need to place a big order and was waiting for it to be available.
  5. Buffalotom

    Pork Rib Roast

    I have smoked a few different cuts of pork on the Mak but never a rib roast. I picked up a Berkshire Pork Rib Roast and it is time to smoke it. Any recommendations on smoking this? Thanks:confused:
  6. Buffalotom

    Saucing or not Saucing Ribs

    Yesterday I made up some buffalo ribs. Two racks were rubbed and then sauced after two hours. The third rack was just rubbed. All using the 2-2-1 method. Everyone had their favorite but I preferred the unsauced ribs. BTW, I used BP's Double Secret Rub on them. I just like the flavor of...
  7. Buffalotom

    Reheating Pork for pulling

    Last weekend we smoked two butts. One was pulled and one was put in the fridge. Now we want to pull the second one. Would you reccomend bringing up to 200+ and then pulling or pull and chop while cold and then heating it? Thanks in advance.
  8. Buffalotom

    Smokin Chuck with a Mexican Flair

    Now that the contest is out of the way, I have a question. I am smoking a couple of chuck roasts this weekend for a potluck. The theme is Mexican Food. What kind of Mexican rubs would work for this? I was in Sedona, AZ last week and stopped at an olive oil store downtown. They gave me a...
  9. Buffalotom

    Tough chicken breast

    I do not cook a lot of chicken on the smoker. Buffalo is my preferred meat. It is just that my wife gets tired of it. Last night I took out a couple of breasts to cook. They had been in the freezer for six months.After putting a green chili rub on them I smoked them for a half hour and them...
  10. Buffalotom


    What's with all of the ads for Christmas? Yes, right now I would qualify to be Grinch. Let us not overlook Thanksgiving. We have so many things to be thankful for. Despite all of it's problems we live in a great country. We also have this great forum. We do not all agree on everything...
  11. Buffalotom

    Which temp is right?

    This weekend I tried making BP' Party Potatoes. I set my Mak 2 at 400. After twenty minutes I checked and the temp gauge said 290. It never did go over 295. I moved it to the oven to finish them. Today, I looked at the forum and then cleaned the interior of the grill. Then I cranked it up...
  12. Buffalotom

    Smokin Side Dishes

    I have a problem. We are invited to a party for the fourth with my sons future inlaws. They are grilling chicken with gas, ugh. I have shown him the smokers, but he does not see it to be that important. We asked what we can bring. They told us we should bring a side. Any suggestions on the...
  13. Buffalotom

    My name is Tom and I am a pellet smoker.

    Hi, I have been smoking with a Traeger for many years now and have switched to a MakGrill. I like them so much that we are now going to be selling them in our buffalo gift shop.
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