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  1. TrickyDick

    Meat question

    So I found a source for buying wholesale meat and the options are practically limitless and somewhat overwhelming. A lot of cuts are described on the wholesaler website with abbreviations. I'm looking at buying a rib primal and they have a multitude of options. I know there are a few meat...
  2. TrickyDick

    SRF Briskets?

    I see these are on sale. Was curious if anyone has tried them and care to comment. I was told they are wet aged 28 days and trimmed to 1/4" fat cap (so you're not paying for a bunch of fat however the vein of fat between the point and flat is Not trimmed.) Can others verify? If so could be...
  3. TrickyDick


    Just going to post this here to see what some of the seasoned pit masters here have to say. Bought the book called Meathead the science of great bbq and grilling. Just started reading it and finding it rather amazing. Somewhat akin to the last book I read about food, the food lab. TD
  4. TrickyDick

    First "snack stick" cook

    Not many photos taken. Made my first meat snack sticks. I had several cuts of meat in the freezer that needed to be used: Pork Loin Buy one Get one special, Sirlion Roast x2, Pork Butt, Beef Chuck. All total a tad over 15#. I had a snack stick assortment kit on hand for doing 5# batches...
  5. TrickyDick

    Grinding and stuffing tricks

    Was reading about using a paper towel in a stand mixer grinder attachment to get the last bit of meat to come out the tube. I've also heard of using bread for the same goal. I've heard the paper towel will not easily of at all come out the plate when doing this, but the bread will, and is...
  6. TrickyDick

    a GREAT read!

    Howdy! My enthusiasm for food drink cooking (of all types) is what keeps me interested in learning more about it. Its one of the reasons I visit this forum. I have recently started reading a great book which I wanted to share with all the folks here. I'm not getting any kickbacks, but I...
  7. TrickyDick

    Ready to try some Dry Curing!

    With the chilly winter days in florida, and my semi completed dry curing chamber, I am ready to tackle a 10# dry cure sausage. I have ordered the culture packet I intend to use, following a recipe for traditional pepperoni from the marianski book (I forget exact title, but it's about fermented...
  8. TrickyDick

    Second Bacon cook

    Its been over a year since I did Bacon. It is hard to find the pork bellies where I live. I paid 3.49 per pound. I think that is on the high side, but who knows.. I bought nearly 20 pounds of Pork Belly. I thought it was skinless, but it wasn't. I did a 9 day dry cure, using the "sticky"...
  9. TrickyDick

    How many pork bellies....

    It's getting cooler in Florida, and I want to make some bacon. I got some additional upper racks for the MAK 4 star and have four total upper racks plus the two main racks. I want to order some pork bellies but it's been a couple years since I handled one and I don't recall how much space the...
  10. TrickyDick

    Beef ribs on the MAK

    Lots of prep work trimming the fascia but so worth it. Super easy to cook and eat! Flavor goes to 11! I am guilty of too much rub applied. A tad salty but it's not too distracting. Next time I'll halve.
  11. TrickyDick

    The Swineapple

    I'm sure that many of you've seen the facebook post of some brave BBQ'er who hollowed out a pineapple and removed the outer bark, then stuffed rubbed country style boneless por ribs into the hollow, and finished the pineapple with a bacon weave and another rub application. Claimed to be smoked...
  12. TrickyDick

    Difference between MAK grills (1,2,and 4star)

    Hello, Was wondering about the differences among the grills. On my 4 star, there are several ledges in the sides into which you can insert additional grill grates, or raise or lower the level the grates. These are smaller than the main grate that rests on the body of the grill. Are these...
  13. TrickyDick

    Dry Cure chamber project

    Well I began today. Long ways to go still. Going to try to add some pics to the thread from my droid phone. Wish me luck. TD
  14. TrickyDick

    Bourbon Bacon cure?

    Have a question. In initial planning stage for a bacon cook/cure soon. I had some people raving about home cured "bourbon" bacon. I'm curious in addition to the usual cure ingredients, where along the way would add the bourbon? I might be able to get some additional details from the folks...
  15. TrickyDick

    Cold smoke generator

    Hello, I'm assembling the components for a DIY dry cure chamber in which I would like the ability to do cold smoking as well. My cold smoke generator I had previous to getting my MAK is a Bradley unit, and to create cold smoke it's rather bulky. I'm not sure that it's going to be what I'm...
  16. TrickyDick

    mobile cooking

    Hey everyone, I've got two kids. They are at the age where my life is semi-consumed with their sports activities. My oldest is in Volleyball. There are frequent weekend-long "tournaments" to attend. Often boring, especially in-between games, etc. I'm sure many of you with children can...
  17. TrickyDick

    Smoked Lake Erie Perch Fillet

    A friend had a fish fry on Sunday and thawed too much fish. I offered to take some from him to avoid wastage. Well I got sick And couldn't tackle until tonight. Been thawed, covered in fridge since Sunday afternoon. 1.) Is it still OK to use? 2.) last time I tried to smoke fish (Spanish...
  18. TrickyDick

    4 Star WiFi!!

    Woot! Woot! Just received the package Friday (yesterday), installed it today! Had to enlist my son to get the antenna socket into the front panel because his hands are smaller than mine. Other than that piece of cake - well except for entering the SSID/WPA stuff. Tedious especially if you...
  19. TrickyDick

    Freshwater bass fillet?

    Hey, A friend of ours gave us a bunch of bass fillet, frozen. My wife isn't really sure what to do with it, and frankly, neither am I. She pan fried/sauteed some but there are still several pounds remaining. Any suggestions? Smoked Curried Bass Meatballs? (That doesn't sound so good to...
  20. TrickyDick

    Burgers and hot dogs?

    Ok, so sounds like a simple question, but when grilling burgers and dogs, what tricks do you employ to avoid grease fires and flare ups? Especially if cooking for a crowd with lots of people. As it turns out, the flame zone is sure to result in flames from my experience, and last night I...
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