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    Birthday Brisket and Ribs

    This weekend I celebrated my 43rd birthday with family and friends and decided to smoke a 15 lb brisket and some St. Louis style Ribs. I injected the ribs with some beef broth and then salted them on Thursday night. After a couple of hours I then put some Big Bad Beef Rub on them from the...
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    Pork Butts by Mikes Meat

    I had the opportunity to smoke some pork butts this weekend for a friends 40th Birthday Party and they turned out pretty good for the first big smoke on my Pit Boss 820 smoker! I had my 10 year old son help me this time and I had fun trying to teach him about how to smoke meat :) I used an...
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    Pork Butts by Mikes_Meat

    This weekend I had the opportunity to cook 4 pork butts on my Pit Boss 820 smoker for a friends 40th birthday party and they turned out great. I used an apple cider injectable marinade and my own home made rub to start them out. I smoked them for around 14 hours in the smoker at 225 and they...
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    My name is Mike and I am a pellet smoker from Osceola, IN

    Hi All!! My name is Mike and I'm from Osceola, IN (Near South Bend/Notre Dame). I recently purchased a Pit Boss 820 pellet smoker from Menards and I am loving it! I am looking forward to many great meals from my new smoker. I have already used it to smoke 20 lbs of chicken quarters, a couple...
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