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  1. scooter

    For those with a BPS drum smoker or other UDS

    Putting a liner in the bottom of a UDS has always been a challenge. This is how I line the bottom of my BPS EDS's Foil liner for drum cookers
  2. scooter

    Pugliese family recipe for Eggplant Parmesan Lasagna on the MAK 2

    Found this recipe on YouTube and thought to try it on my MAK 2 Star. It's an Eggplant Parmesan recipe that's been adapted into a lasagna. The family is from Puglia (Southeast Italy) and their secret ingredient is adding Mortadella to the layers. Full recipe here: Eggplant Parmigiana, Pugliese...
  3. scooter

    Reverse sear Rack of Lamb on the MAK 2

    My brother Mike got me inspired to do a ROL yesterday. I didn't have the time to marinate one like I usually do so I bought a rosemary/garlic preseasoned frozen rack at Trader Joes. I cut open the bag and added some olive oil and white wine and let set for about an hour before putting it on the...
  4. scooter

    Prime brisket

    Smokeslinger gifted me a beautiful 17+lb prime brisket. I tucked it into my freezer until now. Took it out recently and smoked it on the 2015 prototype. Nice point! Injected with Cattleprod, Worcestershire for glue, Butchers Brisket rub and Cash Cow. Ready to wrap Burnt ends almost...
  5. scooter

    Smokin' Yankee's Grand Champions at Wine Country Big Q, Rohnert Park, CA

    We competed at Rohnert Park, CA on Saturday. This was our third contest this year and we fired on enough cylinders to win. We are beyond ecstatic! 3rd Place chicken 2nd Place ribs 1st Place pork 14th Place brisket Our brisket almost sunk us but it was enough to take the top spot by 1 point...
  6. scooter

    Memphis in May Championship 2015

    A buddy of mine is at the event and took the VIP offering. Here are some of the images he's sent to me. Posting them with his permission. Results Whole Hog Division The Shed Shoulder Big Bob Gibson Ribs Serial Grillers WORLD CHAMPION 2015 -- The Shed Jack's Old South
  7. scooter

    Congrats to BP for hitting the bullseye in brisket today at Lake Havasu!

    Aside from coming about a half point shy of earning another 700 pin in winning Reserve Grand Champion at Lake Havasu today, BP hit a perfect 180 score in brisket. To put that into perspective for those who don't compete, a 180 score is when all 6 judges at the table found BPS's brisket entry...
  8. scooter

    Need help from competitors - comment cards

    I'm involved in teaching an Advanced Judging class put on by the CBBQA. Our purpose is to help judges get a deeper understanding of the sport and product. There's around 7 instructors each teaching a different topic. The class will be taught in the next 2 weekends so time is of the essence...
  9. scooter

    Pros share their favorite cuts

    This is written for normal people, not necessarily for this group although I found some cuts I've not heard of before, or at least not listed as the name they're using. 12 Steaks you haven't been eating but need to Also interesting Filet mignon sucks: famous chefs reveal the most...
  10. scooter

    Good luck to those competing at the American Royal this weekend!!

    I know BP is there and Meatman. Probably others as well. Good luck to you guys this weekend! Will this be the 3rd year in a row that BPS's spices wins the AR invitational??
  11. scooter

    Big Poppa smokes em in the high desert

    Congrats Sterling on the RGC in Victorville today! Nice job! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. scooter

    The vein/tendon!

    I've been researching comp chicken trimming for months and have heard several competitors mention they either remove or cut the vein in a chicken thigh and I've seen one perform surgery on a thigh to completely remove a tendon. At first I thought this was crazy. As a judge I expect thighs to...
  13. scooter

    Comp chicken practice

    Our chicken recipe was the lowest performer of our four comp meats in the 2013 season. I've been sacrificing many, many chicken thighs recently in the off season to come up with something that I hope will bring up our chicken scores. This last batch came out very good and I'm getting close to...
  14. scooter

    Another Sunday chicken dinner. fairly simple

    one of my favorite MAK chicken recipes. Very simple to make. aka, 40 cloves of garlic and a chicken. The supporting cast: Roasted baby zuchini's and sugar snap peas Roasted crimini mushrooms and onions Grilled artichokes with balsamic vinegar, EVOO, crushed garlic and herbs brushed on Brown...
  15. scooter

    Money chops on the drum, roasted Yukon Golds & mushrooms on the MAK

    Dinner tonight, pork chops dusted with BPS Money and Simply Marvelous Cherry rubs on the drum and roasted Yukons and criminis on the MAK dusted with Desert Gold. And roasted asparagus and onions with pink Himalaya salt Was at Costco today and Aidells was there sampling some of their sausages...
  16. scooter

    Double Secret balsamic Chuck Eye steaks

    Tonights dinner is red neck sous vide Chuck Eye steaks seasoned with whiskey balsamic glaze, DSSR and a Simply Marvelous Cherry rub accent. To go on the finished steaks I made a blue cheese compound butter and some MAK smoked steakhouse mushrooms. To go along with the steak we made MAK smoked...
  17. scooter

    Happy birthday Big Poppa!!

    Have a great day Sterling!! I couldn't fit all the candles needed!
  18. scooter

    If you like ribeyes, you'll like this!

    I posted about this on another thread but thought I'd start its own thread and add to it with some pics. My favorite part of a rib roast or ribeye steak isn't the eye of a ribeye but the meat that surrounds the eye. It has a few names: top meat, cap meat, spinalis dorsi (thanks Really Nice!)...
  19. scooter

    Big Poppa wins Grand Champion at first contest of 2014, Wild Wild West, Lake Elsinore

    Congrats Sterling on your first GC of the KCBS 2014 season!!!!
  20. scooter

    *Sugar Free* Jellied Cranberry Sauce!

    *Sugar Free* Jellied Cranberry Sauce! 27g net carbs per serving - vs - 4.2g net carbs per serving I'm an admitted Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce nut. Always have been. I never liked the whole berry stuff. Even preferring the canned jellied sauce over any homemade whole berry sauce I've...
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