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  1. Chili Head

    Safe to eat?

    Lastnight I put on a couple butts and some time during the evening I got a flame out. The butts were still warm to the touch and 154 and 160 in the center. I have no idea how high the temp inside each one got up to. Will these be safe to eat? I'm finishing them off in the oven now. My gut tells...
  2. Chili Head

    Well I promised an update.

    We cooked in our second competition yesterday at the Paxton swine and dine. There was a live bands stage at the end of Main Street and vendors and BBQ teams lined up along both sides of the street for several blocks. Thousands of people walking up and down the street checking us out and asking...
  3. Chili Head

    Haven't posted in awhile but I've been cook'n!

    How's everybody doing? It seems like I have less time now to post than I did when I worked vampire hours. Anyway I've been cooking. Cooking a lot! I've cooked in my first competition recently. I've cooked more ribs and chicken than I care to admit! I cook on the drum more than anything else it...
  4. Chili Head

    Easter Sunday pork loin

    Today for easter dinner I I cooked up a pork loin for a late lunch. One half was slathered in Carolina treat grilling sauce and the other half I cooked naked. I also made up some bacon wrapped asparagus dusted with jallelujah, and roasted potatoes with onions and bacon. Lunch was a hit!
  5. Chili Head

    Roast beef

    Last night I did up some beef for sliced roast beef sandwiches. I used some double secret and grape seed oil on these then into the mak at 260 until the external temp hit 130 ish. I sliced the meat thin on the slicer ( need to update my antique slicer ). It turned out great! But I'm...
  6. Chili Head

    I've missed you guys!

    What's up everyone? I hope life is treating you all well. I'm finally off of the vampire time work schedule i was on the last 5 years and life is pretty much back to normal. It feels strange to come home from work and firing up the drum or the MAK LOL. I've been cooking some lately and will...
  7. Chili Head

    Liberated the smokers!

    Hi ya'll how's everybody? It's been awhile and I finally got a chance to cook a little something this weekend! It was nice smelling the aromas outside again. I envy you guys that have warm weather year round! I normally don't let the cold stop me but this polar vortex is kicking our butts.
  8. Chili Head

    Rib eyes!

    Rib eyes with sautéed mushrooms It's been a full day of cooking and I loved every minute of it! I started early about 6:30 am. I had to get up and let the dogs out so I figured might as well get started. Cup of coffee in hand I fired up the MAK. I set the ingredients out for the peach cobbler...
  9. Chili Head

    It's 4:00 am and it's time to..

    Put on the brisket!! Trimmed some fat and rubbed with double secret steak rub.. Cya in about 9 hours or so..time for bed!
  10. Chili Head

    Bacon wrapped stuffed chicken

    I did these a week ago..kinda lazy in posting lately. I pounded out some chicken breasts and stuffed em with jalapeños and cheese and bacon weaved em. Put on some green balls too dusted with desert gold. Everyone getting happy happy happy. These turned out really good! Delicious!
  11. Chili Head

    Double secret on brisket?

    I'm craving brisket! I'm thinking of using BPS double secret steak rub on it but I'm wondering if it will make too salty or if the rub needs ground finer. Anyone use this on a brisket?
  12. Chili Head

    What are you smoking right now?

    It's 10:20 am in central Illinois..what are you smoking right now? I got some breakfast fixins going!
  13. Chili Head

    Flank steak and veggies

    Dang all I've done this weekend is eat! So tonight we went a little lighter. Flank steak and grilled veggies. Mine was drizzled with sriracha. Thanks for looking!
  14. Chili Head

    SWIISSHHHH BOOM!!! Mini explosion in the MAK

    We've all read about it..and it's happened to some of you before. Today was my turn LOL! Scared the crap outa me! I should have been recording it because I knew it was going to happen. Let me set the stage for ya.. I had just finished making some poppers and had shut the MAK off. The wife said "...
  15. Chili Head

    Mom and pop tri tip.

    My folks have never had a tri tip before so I thought I would have them over this weekend. We had tri tip, twice baked potatoes and grilled veggies. Started off by seasoning the tri tip with BPS double secret. Next up the twice baked potatoes went into the MAK. Got the veggies sliced and...
  16. Chili Head

    Pellet grilled crunchy breaded jalapeño poppers.

    Here we go! I sliced some of the jalapeños lengthwise and some just got the tops cut off. I wasn't sure which would work better so I did both. I stuffed em with cheese, wrapped em in bacon and dusted em with BPS garlic season salt with jalapeño. I cooked these just shy of being done and...
  17. Chili Head


    Gotta love the sweet smell of apple and coffee In the morning!
  18. Chili Head

    Burger quest..Thick or thin

    I've been on a sort of burger quest lately. I've been doing thick, thin, really thin and stuffed. After all this I think I prefer a thin burger. It cooks fast and if you cook it on high heat it won't dry out unless you get distracted by watching the clouds float by. Yeah been there done that...
  19. Chili Head

    Im having withdrawls!!

    I haven't burned a pellet for over a month I don't think until today! I was starting to twitch! I finally got some time to do something about that. I got some cheap ribs from Wally World and got busy. Spares done up with franks original for glue then some smoking guns hot for the rub. The...
  20. Chili Head

    Thai wings and ABT's!

    Thai Wings and ABT's! There not just for appetizers! I wanted something different for these wings and decided to go with a Thai flavor. The ingredients.. Wings, sriracha, ginger, garlic, onion, lime, sea salt, fresh ground pepper. The wings were marinated in sriracha for 4 hours to start...
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