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  1. sparky

    links & beans

    yesterday afternoon. got a little hungry. so...... opened up 3 different cans of beans and dumped them in my pan. found a bunch of links, so why not. need smoke. oak pellets going down. everyone in the pool! found more links. on you go. getting a crisp on. i believe were...
  2. sparky

    a couple cooks this week

    fired up the Big Easy. shiny. some buttage. oh ya. smoky, smoky...... got my umbrella up. the Big Easy is in the shade. all it well. were at 200° and ready for foil and juice. nice bark buddy. looks good. it took 11 1/2 hours to finish. the Big Easy held 250° for 16 hours...
  3. sparky

    football sunday

    two of my kids show up last sunday at 8am. what the h#ll you two doing here. dad, 49ers start at 10am. time to fire up the grill for some breakfast. i don't have breakfast food to serve you kids. oh, don't worry dad. we brought the groceries. great. and it starts like this. busted out...
  4. sparky

    ever get the munchies?

    me too. the only difference between you and me. i have alot of charcoal and a weber. ok, feel better now. i wonder whats for dinner?
  5. sparky

    ribs for everyone

    wanted to do some ribs for friday night giants game. and away we go...... the dino bones weren't for me. for my posse. mine were very good too. go giants.
  6. sparky

    charcoal for smoke

    well, since my friend smoke went eletric this last weekend i have to burn some coal for the both of us. like my charcoal / lump buddy we both like to use the chimney. something about the smell, the smoke or maybe just the killer food cooked w/ coal. and away we go...... no talkie. catering...
  7. sparky

    a new toy

    welp, i have always seen these at bbq comps. ppl have them lining up. alot of good backyard ppl have them too. i started w/ a brinkman. now i have a....... 22.5 WSM it didn't cost me a dime and i didn't steal it. she's pretty. custom black handles. very cool. got a cool...
  8. sparky

    the wheels are turning already / tri dogs

    when you cook w/ charcoal do you every put to much? i do. the drum basket is huge for great long burns. well, what about great little burns. i got this. i took my weber coal holder apart. bent it here and there and waa laa. 1/2 a coal basket for little burns. i used this for 4...
  9. sparky

    BS Comp Ribs

    BS Comp Ribs (Bo/Sparky) i want to wish mr trigg a very happy b'day. are ya still 49 years old like me? these BS ribs are for you sir. ya, i got secrets too. everyone in the pool! the last 3 cooks i have had a hard time w/ temp management on Bo. i made a phone call to get some...
  10. sparky

    breakfast was over and i still had hot coals

    so...... everyone in the pool. where running hot but i think its because Bo is new. broke out some "sauce for sissies". good for babies, brats and bikers. oh, shiny. these are going to good. poke is coming along very nicely. i'm using no temp gauges or nothing. just a...
  11. sparky

    Bo's 1st cook

    a friend called and said what about Bo. i only know one Bo. Bo derek from the movie 10. when she was running down that beach. ou la la. and the new ss drum is a 10 also. so Bo it is. Bo's 1st cook. i thought i would cook something cool. welp, its friday morning and i'm hungry. going to...
  12. sparky

    pretty pretty princess

    i did some side work for BP over the last couple of months. he told me he would take care of me. wow, i didn't expect this. this afternoon UPS driver shows up and brought this. how cool is this. its (haven't got a name yet) alot heavier than Ursula. wow, a dolly. wiped down...
  13. sparky

    Lucile & Ursula vs the family (wife and evil daughter)

    i wanted to prove that there was no difference in taste between Lucile and Ursula ribs. my fam doesn't like the food from the drum that much. i'm going to change that right now. the food has had a funny taste from the drum. i called the jedi master (BP) and told him what was going on. he...
  14. sparky

    i got a good wife

    my wife comes home from work and ask to borrow the F-150. ok. she comes back home and tosses my the keys. as she is leaving she tells me to go unload my truck. heh, whats this? my same old green weber preformer. ya. how cool. i checked the date codes. 2001. been using...
  15. sparky

    what do ya'll think about the ceramic smokers and the meadow creek pig roasters?

    i see alot of ppl cooking on eggs, domes, primos and meadow creeks. never cooked on one or tasted food off of one. do any of ya'll have them? how do they cook? easy on fuel? can you go 14 hours on one burn? my wife says i can have one more smoker then thats it. i am using a mak 2 star...
  16. sparky

    i'm not fat

    ya you are. yummy.
  17. sparky

    death wangs vs sissy wangs

    this one for squirt. he loves chicken and hot stuff. death wangs = 2 big squirts of creamed horseradish, some jalapeno juice, good portion of soileau's, 10 shakes of tabasco, heavy drizzle of chili oil and a few large squirts of sriracha. note: wear gloves, goggles and respirator if...
  18. sparky

    running low on vitamin P

    the name says is all. da players. step on up Lucile and take a smoke. its all you darling. 2 hours of smoke then 250° for the ride. "everyone n' da pool" thats what i'm talking about. bark, bark...... was running out of time so i foiled it up at 170° w/ apple juice and more money...
  19. sparky

    i just had too.

    after eating the icky ribs at the reno ribfest i just had to make some good ones. da players. time for cruise control. time for some FL. getting ready for prettiness. prettiness over. all pretty now. threw down some Jeanie corn. huge smile. yumminess about to happen...
  20. sparky

    sunday ribs

    just got back from santa cruz sunday early evening. hungry. asked the mrs what she wanted. she said cook what you want. he he...... fired Ursula up w/ some peach wood and oak pellet packet. got the perfect temp going. small rack got JH pecan other got JH sugar maple rub. see the...
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