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    Chicken Under a Brick

    I decided to semi-retire the ancient red Weber and fire up the new one that's been sitting under cover for a while. Spatchcock chicken under a brick with Dijon Mustard and Maple syrup under the skin and rubbed with smoked paprika, salt and pepper.
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    Stuffed Pork Tenderloing Medallions

    Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Medallions When I start to cook I usually have a destination and pretty good idea where I’m going but sometimes things take a very interesting detour. Today I laid out some ingredients but wasn’t quite sure who was going to make the team for today’s cook. I cut the pork...
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    "My First Cook on The MAK"

    While Deb had the Blood Orange Salt going in the warming tray, I put together some Apple Dumplings. (There’s something special about a friend who is willing to share their brand new MAK!) Done! Thank you Deb. It was much more fun to use up my left over ingredients and see the MAK in...
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    Sharing Left Overs

    Deb's Thanksgiving Fatty and Baked Beans The Thanksgiving Fatty was super. Her seasons were perfect and it all came together very nicely. She has spoiled me with her baked beans. The soldier beans have a wonderful flavor and texture and I could have eaten a lot more. I'll never be able to...
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    First Ever Tri Tip

    Rubbed with BP Double Steak. On the Weber with some Black Walnut pellets and some potatoes and Vidalia Onions. Pulled it off the fire when the internal temp hit 138 and rested it. Sliced. It was yummy and tender. I can see why folks like to cook this cut. It’s too bad they are...
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    My name is Susan and I'm a pellet smoker wannabe

    I've been grilling on a Weber for years and recently learned about the pellet grill! Thank you very much Deb! My next grilling project will be to try the foil packet of pellets. Thank you all for educating me and sharing all your great photos!
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