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    Scrumptious Brisket

    Had family in town & a Brisket was requested so I had an excuse to make another Brisket on the new Rec Tec. I also got to break in my A-maze-n tube too. What I use the tube for is to smoke with Jack Daniels whisky barrel pellets and cook/smoke with Hickory in the auger. The 2 make for a...
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    Pigs tooth pork butt.

    Got a great deal on this 8 lb pork butt, a manger's special at $6.00 for the whole thing. Turned out it was like a box of cracker jacks, it came with a surprise inside. I bit down on a pigs tooth, almost took out one of my teeth. While the Rec Tec did a fantastic job on the meat, I wasn't happy...
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    Ribeye with a handle.

    Last night I decided to give a bone in rib eye a try. Dusted it with Big Bad Beef rub and let sit while I got the Rec Tec up to 450 degrees. Put it on for 4 minutes, turned it a 1/4 turn for another 4 minutes. Turned it over & did the same thing. It came out perfectly charred and wonderfully...
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    Poblano stuffed w/ chicken, Monteey Jack, tomato's & onions.

    Poblano stuffed w/ chicken, Monterey Jack, tomato's & onions. These came out mighty tasty but next time I'm going to add corn & more cheese.
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    My first Brisket on my Rec Tec

    I have family coming in a few weeks & the request for Brisket has been put in. I've made 16 ponders on my Traeger Jr and they came out fantastic. Just to be safe though, I decided to cook a little 5.5 lb brisket on my new REc Tec tonight. You know, just to be safe (that's what I'm going with);)...
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    I'm back (with a new Rec Tec on the way), sorry for the absence.

    Well, I'm back & thanks for the welcome. I had to take over more duties in my business so I'm sorry I haven't had much internet time. Unfortunately I now have less employees so more responsibilities. The good news though is, I stepped up from my Traeger Jr to a new Rec Tec, it's scheduled for...
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    New Traeger on the way, any seasoning tips?

    Just ordered my first pellet grill. I got a Traeger Jr that should ship this week. I was wondering if there is a recommendation on how to season the grill before its first use. What temp and how long or anything else I should know. I was also wondering about the upgrades available for the...
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    Hello everyone

    My name is Bill, I've been smoking in my built in smoker for years. My BIL has a Traeger and has always made fantastic food. With the heat coming on here in AZ, I needed a better way to smoke w/o having to be out in the heat. To solve my problem I just ordered a Traeger Jr. It's just me and my...
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