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  1. Harvison

    Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

    I happen to be one of those that browse the forum more than I post. Most of you all have some amazing cooks and I get blown away!! I have been messing around and trying my own ingredients for brining. I finally got something worthy for a post here. The final cook was quite mouth watering...
  2. Harvison

    Best Meatloaf

    7.5 pound ground meat 1.75 pound ground pork Multigrain bread Eggs Onion Green pepper Celery Apple bbq sauce Apple juice Various seasonings Mix together minus the apple juice. Ready to smoke. Apple juice in pan. Two done. Two to go. 6 hour from start, ready to chow! Go!! I've made...
  3. Harvison

    My Name is Dan

    I'm a Pellet smoker and I'm new to this forum.
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