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  1. Big_Jake

    Classified Section?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there is (or is it ok) to post pellet smoker parts for sale?
  2. Big_Jake

    Smoked/Grilled Swordfish on my Mak 2 Star.

    Hey guys long time no see! I thought I'd share my swordfish video I did with y'all!
  3. Big_Jake

    Question about bottom grates on my 2 Star

    If I am going to use ONLY the top shelf when cooking do I even need to put the bottom grates in?
  4. Big_Jake

    How do you y'all clean your high heat gloves?

    So I was wondering how y'all clean your high heat gloves?I am talking about the ones used to pull pork,etc.
  5. Big_Jake

    Pork and that "sulfur" smell.

    I seem to get this with cryovaced pork from time to time.I guess what I am wondering is why is it only sometimes?Also some instances it seems to be stronger than others.I kinda doubt the pork is bad cuz I have eaten it and everyone has been fine. Also the last two times the smell has carried...
  6. Big_Jake

    Bakersfield's Biggest Baddest BBQ Comp. Footage.

    Shouts out to Mr. Poppa himself.He is a cool guy and his bbq is off the chain!
  7. Big_Jake

    Ribs Anyone?

    OK I am REALLY happy with the way my ribs are now coming out on my Mak 2-Star.My method is to use the flame zone without the covers on it.I then put the ribs on the top rack(aka the 2nd shelf) away from the fire and aim for a temp of 250 on the 2nd shelf.I smoke for around 3 hours and then wrap...
  8. Big_Jake

    Big Jake Smokes His Nuts!

    I smoked some of my almonds on my Mak 2 star.Check out the vid!
  9. Big_Jake

    Picnic Roast for Pulled Pork?

    Hey guys I went and bought a Swift "Pork Shoulder Butt" but I think it was mislabeled. It has a huge ball joint type bone in it,maybe the shank bone?This would lead me to believe it's a picnic roast and not a Boston Butt?Or did they just do a bad job of cutting it? Anyway if it is a picnic can...
  10. Big_Jake

    Infrared Bbq Thermometer

    Hey guys I was thinking about getting one of these.Any suggestions as to which brand is the best?
  11. Big_Jake

    Spectacular Smoked King Salmon

    Ok guys I picked up this King Salmon at Costco today and I am going to use the "Spectacular Salmon" recipe that is in the MAK cookbook I got.I have used it before on Sockeye Salmon and it came out great.Here is a pick of the fish going on after it's brine.
  12. Big_Jake

    Getting My Ribs Dialed In On The MAK

    OK I did some St. Louis style ribs yesterday and I think I have learned my new pit.Here is what I did and this is how they came out. Rubbed down and stuck them in a food saver bag over night.I then opened them the next day and gave them another layer of rub before putting them on the bottom...
  13. Big_Jake

    Using a water pan in the Mak 2-star.

    Anyone ever use a pan full of water on the bottom grate of your MAK and put your meat on the top?Would this maybe help keep the meat moist or not?I thought About doing it with some ribs maybe.
  14. Big_Jake

    Chicken Halves on the MAK!

    Ok they had some halves on sale at the store so I picked them up.I laid foil on my flame zone tray and poked holes in it with a metal chopstick.I then put in the top grate and set the chicken on it. My temps: 1st hour 200 (Mavericks were set on top grates as well reading around 225 or so.Again...
  15. Big_Jake

    My new MAK 2-Star (Video)

    This thing is awesome! Mak 2 Star General First Cook - YouTube
  16. Big_Jake

    Question about "seasoning" my new MAK

    Hey guys when seasoning my new grill @ 450 should I add any of the grease trays,flame zone pans,covers,or the cooking grates? Or just do it with the unit empty?
  17. Big_Jake

    Bought a MAK 2-Star!

    So I went for the MAK 2 star after reading forums,watching videos,and scouring the internet for information.I figured why not go for the "MAK daddy" of all pellet smokers? I will post pics/vids when it arrives. Oh and of course I bought it from Big Poppa. ;)
  18. Big_Jake

    Difference between Memphis Advantage and Advantage Plus?

    Hey guys I have a few questions about Memphis grills.I hope y'all don't mind me asking them here. 1.What is the difference between the Advantage and the Plus? 2.Is it worth upgrading to the Memphis Pro for any reason? 3.What is the warranty like ont hese things.After all the issues I have had...
  19. Big_Jake

    Baby Back Ribs Video (Rated G)

    So I decided to do a baby back rib video to show my updated techniques.Hope y'all dig it.
  20. Big_Jake

    Inside of smoker lid wet?

    Ok just a quick question for you guys.I took the cover off my Yoder YS-640 this morning around 6 and started her up.When it got to 225 I opened the lid to put my prime rib on and noticed the top of the inside of the lid was wet.So i got some paper towels and dried it off.I smelled the towels and...
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