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  1. roburado

    Any sugar-free rub suggestions?

    Hi, all. The wife and I are trying to avoid added sugars. While we love the BPS rubs that we have used, and while we realize that probably a lot of those sugars get cooked off, we started using this one rub we got from Costco, which appeared not to have any sugars whether they were from cane...
  2. roburado

    Salad: Smoked chicken, strawberry, mango, red onion, and spinach

    Hey, all. It's been a long time since I've posted any cooks. Hope this post finds you all well. Anyway, here's something that the wife has been making me lately. She makes a great salad with smoked chicken breast, spinach, mango, strawberry, red onion, and spinach. She served me a nice...
  3. roburado

    Ribs Three Ways

    So, Yardbird on all three racks. Then, onto the grill at 275F a la Sparky Style. FL with chipotles in adobo sauce with some apple cider vinegar. The other two racks got my FL with Filipino Banana Sauce and apple cider vinegar. After FL, I did a bit of saucing. Diluted these down and...
  4. roburado

    First Ribs on 590

    So, I've never done ribs before. I went to one of our rib experts, Sparky, and had him clarify for me his process. For some reason, I just had to have ribs this week. So, that's what we did today. First, the rubbin' stuff. Used Yardbird on one rack. The other rack I used Little Louie's...
  5. roburado

    Look what I received from Big Poppa Smokers!

    Thanks to Big Poppa Smokers for the sauces and rubs. Didn't order these, but I'm guessing they were to thank me for pointing out that I received a $50 credit instead of a $25 credit for winning one of the cooking contests.
  6. roburado

    MAK-Smoked Italian Sausage and Peppers

    We like the Italian Sausage that our Costco store sells. De Bebe usually cooks them up on the stove. This time, we decided that we'd do it on the MAK. First, I started smoking some sausage. We figured we'd use some for the sausage and peppers. Some we'd save for other applications like...
  7. roburado

    Burger Trio on Portobello

    De Bebe and I decided to make some burgers this evening. We don't really eat bread in this household. So, we did them on some meaty portobello mushrooms. We started with roasting some tomatoes on the MAK as we were getting the grill up to temperature. While those were on the grill, we got...
  8. roburado

    Garlic EVOO. Costco stopped carrying mine. Got any other good ones?

    So, our local Costco stopped carrying our favorite garlic extra virgin olive oil. I'm so disappointed. We can't get the Annie's brand (locally) that people seem to like here on the forum. Anyone have any other suggestions for a good one? I just was doing an quickie internet search and found...
  9. roburado

    Pat LaFrieda's Big App for Meat

    So, I got Pat LaFrieda's Big App for Meat for my iPad. It's pretty cool. I didn't know much about various cuts of beef, for example, except that my favorite was ribeye for a long time. Now, I know about more thanks to this forum and Pat LaFrieda's app. It's got videos about the various cuts...
  10. roburado

    Putting my Christmas present to use!

    For Christmas, De Bebe got me this toy. It works great! Originally, we got the wrong version. BPS was great about getting us the right one. Finally installed it today. Smoking some of Tony Packo's "Hungarian Hot Dogs" to test it out. Going to run to the store for some beef for a little Carne...
  11. roburado

    Strube Ranch Beef from BPS Meat Locker

    Anyone try these yummy things? I assume they're grand. What was your experience? Are they shipped frozen in those styrofoam containers with the dry ice pack? Looking at getting some ground beef, because I'm a sucker for a burger and some meatloaf. Probably some flatiron too, because I've...
  12. roburado

    Faux Cambro vs. actual Cambro?

    Anyone ever actually try an actual Cambro instead of doing a faux Cambro thing with the blankets and cooler? Just curious.
  13. roburado

    Your favorite burger technique?

    What is your favorite burger technique? Sear first then smoke? Reverse sear? Just grill? Just griddle? Just smoke? Something else?
  14. roburado

    Call me crazy, but I want to cook Thanksgiving dinner all over again!

    So, maybe I'm crazy, but I want to cook up some turkeys, maybe some more of my prime rib. It was just too much fun! So what if I had an auger jam. Now, I know how to clear it. After I cleared it, everything went beautifully. It makes me want to do it all over again! I just might want to do...
  15. roburado

    My first Thanksgiving with the MAK

    I'm a bit short on pictures for this cook. So, you won't see the usual detail. It's more about the final product with this set of pics than the process of cooking. De Bebe and I decided that we were going to do a sort of Mexican-inspired menu. So, we started off with appetizers in the...
  16. roburado

    Thanksgiving wouldn't have been the same without you.

    Thanks, everyone, for all your help over the past few months. All the input, tips, answers, and advice were really helpful. Part of my journey in being here was to just share with people a common interest, to learn about something I enjoy. Part of it was preparation for a Thanksgiving with...
  17. roburado

    Cooking in the cold. How do you adjust?

    Hey, all. For those of you in cooler climate that are still trying to smoke/grill, what kind of adjustments do you make? I'm finding that just preheating the grill takes forever, and I never even got to the desired preheating temperature of 400F. I just got into the 300s, and put my steak on...
  18. roburado

    Mixing probes: Standard probe and M-1 Armored Probe

    What happens if I use a standard probe while the Pellet Boss is set to use the armored probe? I've got two armored probes and one standard one. I need at least three probes today. I'm not sure if I can set the Pellet Boss to use the standard probe on just the one probe. Is that possible?
  19. roburado

    First Pork Butt on #590: Cochinita Pibil

    Well, it's been a while, but I'm back. October was a busy month. Work, a couple of out-of-town weddings (one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast), a conference in the Midwest, seeing BP's friend John Petrucci in concert, seeing BP's other friend Joe Bonamassa in concert, and sleep have...
  20. roburado

    Cleaning Frog Mats

    How do you clean your frog mats? We soaked in soapy water. Used a brush and tore one. Oops. I guess that's not the best way.
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