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  1. 51Phantom

    Leg Of Lamb

    Did a leg of lamb tonight. Rubbed in butter, Dijon, Rosemary, garlic and mint. Plated picture is pretty lame. But the. Lamb and potatoes were fantastic Pulled the meat at 140. Perfect! Cooked at 250 for the most part.
  2. 51Phantom

    Quick chicken and potatoes

    Followed BP lead and did a chicken tonight. Some Desert gold seasoning basted half with Blues hog honey mustard. Turned out great. Cooked at 375 till about 167 degrees in the breast. Did the potatoes on the smoker as well.
  3. 51Phantom

    Ribs- first post in a while

    Did some ribs tonight. First photos in a while. Been cooking a lot but forgetting to take photos. Plus I busted my hand which makes it a bit difficult. Rubbed with money, money with hallelujah rub on the other. Cooked at 225 for 4 hours. No foil. One rack dry and one with some Russ and...
  4. 51Phantom

    Jerk Chicken

    Did some Jerk Chicken Friday night. Used a good bottled sauce from presidents choice. Thought I would cook it in my cast iron skillet. It was the right decision. Cooked at about 250 for a couple of hours. Having the chicken cook in the skillet in the sauce really let the flavour of the jerk get...
  5. 51Phantom

    Beef tenderloin and potato rosti and caramalized onions

    Beef tenderloin on sale his week. Rubbed with Montreal steak spice Rosti cooking Pulled at 135 it. A bit rare but yummy. I will take it up a bit higher IT next time
  6. 51Phantom

    Chicken cordon bleu.

    Had to try Scallywag's chicken cordon bleu. Very easy and very tasty, I did mine with some fries, wife quinoa salad. I didn't flatten the breasts just cut them in half. With the quinoa.
  7. 51Phantom

    Beef Short Ribs

    Got some beef short ribs this morning. Figured I would give it a go. Rubbed in Montreal steak spice. On to the GMG at 225 3.5 hours later Plate with some mashed potatoes. These turned out great. Pulled them at an IT of 180. Great flavour and the slow cook with high IT broke down the fat...
  8. 51Phantom

    Quick Spatchcock Chicken

    Did a quick spatchcock chicken saturday night. Followed someones instructions to cook at 320 for 30 and 400 for 20 ish. Turned out great! Homemade rub on it. After cook. I cooked the back so it wouldn't go rotten in the garbage. My daughter and me thought it looked like the Alien that...
  9. 51Phantom

    November Ribs

    Did some spare ribs last night. Home made rub and sauce with some potatoes, I stole the potato idea from someone here, I think Muebe. Potatoes Done. 1 hour of smoke, then 225 ish the rest of the way, pulled them at about 6:50 pm. These were the best ribs I have done yet. Very happy with...
  10. 51Phantom

    St. Lawrence Market

    I am very lucky to work close to the St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto. St. Lawrence Market was recently voted by National Geographic as the best food market in the world. I take all that with a grain of salt, but it is a great place to get some meat. I snapped a couple of quick picks on...
  11. 51Phantom

    Lamb Shanks

    Tried some lamb shanks for the first time. They turned out great. Smoked at 180 for an hour then wrapped in foil with wine, beef broth and rosemary cooked at 300 for 3 hours Highly recommend if you like lamb. on the GMG with some mashed potatoes
  12. 51Phantom

    First ribs on new GMG

    Here are some pics of step one for my ribs that I will cook tomorrow. Ribs rubbed, in home made rub and a shot of the home made mustard and bourbon BBQ sauce made. Sauce is Yum.. More to come.
  13. 51Phantom

    Pulled the Trigger

    Hi Guys, I pulled the trigger on a Green Mountain Grill, Daniel Boone this week. I live in Canada and my choices for Pellet Grills are pretty slim. I have a Traeger at my place in Florida so I knew I didn't want another. I looked at getting a Mak shipped but the cost was pretty high, and with...
  14. 51Phantom

    6 pound butt

    Hey Guys, I have a six pound butt that i am going do pulled pork with. Since i am pretty new to this smokng thing i am not sure how long it will take. I was thinking of putting it on at 9 am. We are looking to eat around the dinner hour. Is this good amount of time. I see guys putting butts on...
  15. 51Phantom

    A Little Help

    Hey Guys, I will be heading back down to my place in Florida on August 3rd, so I finally get to do some smoking ( I don't have a smoker here in Toronto yet). I plan on doing some ribs, chicken, steaks and probably a pulled pork while I am down. I hope to do more, but for now that is the plan. I...
  16. 51Phantom

    Interesting device for Iphone and Ipad users

    My neighbour has this. It could come in handy for pellet smokers. Thought it was pretty cool and haven't seen it posted here. If it has I apologize for reposting. iGrill Grilling/Cooking Thermometer - Apple Store (Canada)
  17. 51Phantom

    Hi, New Pellet Smoker here.

    Hi All, I have been lurking on the site for a little while. I just took delivery of a Traeger jr. for my place in Fort Myers. Two of my friends in my complex had the jr. and I loved everything that came off the grill so I had to have one. I was down this pass weekend, assembled it and got...
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